LG to mass produce RGB LED-lit 17-inch notebook display

The RGB LED-lit technology is no stranger to those have followed the latest development in LCD monitors or TV displays; but not on notebook. Graphic designer or image editor longs for a wider color gamut notebook monitor can now rely upon LG. The company has announced its 17.1-inch notebook LCD panel with RGB LED backlight technology.


ATT LG Vu hands-on! – one of the best looking phones so far

There is also a video walk-thru below so you can see what this new video service ATT is offering is all about. In case you didn’t know the LG Vu is going to be the device that ATT is going to use to launch their new mobile TV service.


LG P300 Notebook – Thin, Light, and Powerful

This LG XNote P300 notebook is aimed to compete with the MacBook Air and X300 in size and weight, but knocks both of those out of the park when it comes to performance. It weighs in at 1.6 kilograms, that’s less than both the MacBook Air and the X300, and it has a 13.3-inch screen.


LG Flatron LX206WU monitors connect via USB

These new 20.1-inch LCD monitors have a 5000:1 contrast resolution and a 2ms response time. The best part is that you don’t need a new or even good graphics card to push these monitors, just a spare USB port.


LG 10,000:1 contrast ratio monitor – you’ll finally be able to tell the difference between charcoal and black

I have an Acer monitor that has a horrible contrast ratio, but it was 22-inches and it was cheap, but now I am looking for a new monitor that has a better quality picture and I think this new one from LG might have just made it to the top. This is the highest spec Digital Fine Control monitor LG has too.


LGX ultra-slim LCD TV by LG has arrived, at the FCC offices

Thanks to our friends in the least secretive part of the government, the FCC, we have pictures, and news of LG’s newest slim LCD display. Just how slim is it?


LG KF600 and KF700 spotted in Barcelona, sort of

Vincent hasn’t actually been able to get any real images of the phones as they technically haven’t even been announced yet, but they’re the ones that put up billboards of the phones all over the city, so Vincent got a pic of one of those which shows both handsets. The KF600 is basically the LG Venus, and the KF700 is a full touch-screen phone with haptic feedback.


Verizon Voyager Gets Firmware Update

Alright, before we get into the decent sized list of bugs the update fixes, lets start by letting you know that you’ll have to take your Voyager to a Verizon store to get the update. Also, its probably a good idea to call ahead to the store you plan on going to, to make sure they have the update ready to apply, but don’t go to maps.google.com in order to look for the closest store, your Voyager could reset when you do that.

So, lets start with the issues V CAST was having with memory cards 4GB and larger, that’s fixed, as is the ability to reset the V CAST Mobile TV app, which you can now reset it. The power settings have been updated to lengthen battery life, and there were enhancements made to Bluetooth which should net you better audio quality, easier pairing, and key tones.


LG 52LG71 – 52-inch LCD with WiFi

LG is touting this display as “world’s first 1080p LCD with and integrated 802.11 Wireless System”. I don’t know if it fits that bill, I haven’t been watching the LCD market too closely, but this does look like a nice TV, and the ability to stream HD content OTA just makes it that much better.

Obviously, due to LG’s claim, this thing is 1080p capable. No word on what version of the 802.11 standard this TV will be sporting, newlaunches guesses they will go for N, but since that’s not even an official standard yet, I hope LG is smarter than to put that into a TV.


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