LenovoEMC px4-400d NAS packs up to 16TB

LenovoEMC has revealed its latest high-performance NAS, a four-bay backup and media-streaming center targeted at prosumers and small offices. The LenovoEMC px4-400d can store up to 16TB spread across four drives, and runs up to 25-percent faster than its predecessor, the company claims, thanks to a switch to Intel's new 2.13GHz Atom D2701 dualcore processor and 2GB of memory. It also includes a new batch of ports, including USB 3.0, for easier expansion.

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LenovoEMC Acronis team-up promises complete data backup protection for Severs, NAS, and PCs

In the world of network storage, there are some interesting things brewing on the data protection side of things: LenovoEMC has announced a collaborative effort with the team at Acronis. This partnership will be bringing the likes of Acronis Backup & Recovery for NAS to LenovoEMC px series devices - and to those devices only. This is a solution from a market leader in data protection and is a development made by that company, Acronis, specifically for these LenovoEMC devices.

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LenovoEMC PX2-300d with Milestone Arcus NVR Review

With the latest deliverable in NAS technology we've got the LenovoEMC PX2-300d with Milestone Arcus Network Video Recorder software embedded, complete with hardware you might recognize as a rather close relative of the Iomega PX2-300d in both looks and function - to a point. This is because both PX2-300d units are essentially made of the same basics on the outside, working now with the company's upgraded brand name (LenovoEMC) and taking on the mantel of big-power small-footprint NAS for SMB. Here we've also got the very first NVR (network video recorder) to feature Milestone Arcus; video management software that makes the whole process as quick and easy as possible.

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