Leaked iPhone 6 guide confirms a few hardware specs

If you’re unaware, or have been on vacation for a long, long time — the iPhone 6 is coming (and soon). We’ve all seen an exhaustive list of components leaked, but this one is a bit different. This time, we’re getting a look at what might be the quick start guide for the iPhone 6. If accurate, it confirms a few key details about the new iPhone, but contradicts some others.

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iPhone 6 camera bulge may not be that bad after all

We all love to pontificate about what the iPhone 6 will be, but one thing that has fans a bit worried is the camera. We’ve heard conflicting reports of the megapixel count, but that doesn’t excuse that the iPhone 6 hardware might stick up from the rear of the phone. As it turns out, it might not be as bad as you think.

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New iPhone 6 leak shows fully assembled device

The iPhone 6 hits keep coming, and this one is our first look at what we might actually have in-hand. Feld & Volk have made a name for themselves recently, sharing a slew of parts and components they say are from the new iPhone. This time, they’ve put the package together, showing us what the iPhone 6 might look like top to bottom.

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Leaked iPhone 6 pic shows new ‘True Tone’ flash

With all those iPhone 6 leaks we’ve been drowning in, one lingering question about the camera has persisted. The True Tone flash, Apple’s phenomenal method for creating the right lighting conditions, is oblong on the iPhone 5S. All pics of the iPhone 6 show a round flash cutout. Will True Tone be coming to the iPhone 6?

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Leaked iPhone 6 display shows final assembly

Here we go, iFans — an iPhone 6 screen assembly! This one is billed as a final production model, snapped form the line for a quick photo romp in the car. As you can see in the pic, both the black and white models are shown, offering a first look at the iPhone 6 you might have in your hand soon.

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New iPhone 6 pics show design details you may not like

As much as we think we know about the iPhone 6, we may also have no idea what’s going on. Some things seem to be a foregone conclusion at this point, but others still leave us wondering. A new batch of leaked images don’t help matters, either, as the confusing mess of what is really going on with the next iPhone continues to take shape.

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