Laptop Case

Juicy Couture Laptop Cases feature bright Spring colors

If you're going crazy waiting for the flowers to pop up and add a bit of color to the seemingly brown and gray landscape, you might try snagging a colorful laptop bag to tide you over. This Juicy Couture bag is perfect to remind you of the warm months to come.

The simplistic Parkhaus laptop sleeve

If you're looking for a laptop sleeve but would prefer to keep it simple this Parkhaus sleeve is worth checking out. I really need to pick up a sleeve myself, since lately instead of carrying my laptop bag I've been transporting my laptop in one of about 15 different bags that I own.

Kensington offers the Contour Balance laptop bags

Kensington is offering a line just for the women who need to tote about their laptop on a regular basis. Although they don't offer bright and shining colors, they do offer a slightly more logical design.

The Civilian Manila Envelope Case

Most have probably seen the MacBook Air Manila Envelope sleeves that followed the release of the laptop. This leather version is just a slightly more chic twist to the slightly geeky sleeve.

Sumo’s durable laptop sleeves

If you're worried about your laptop sleeve not keeping your precious laptop protected, you might need a slightly more tough laptop sleeve. Well why not have one that is from a line called Sumo? I'm not really sure what a Sumo wrestler has to do with my laptop, but hey, it seems like a sturdy case.

Stella McCartney’s line of computer sleeves

Laptop bags more and more are getting to look a bit more stylish. With mainstream designers creating their own lines it gives us a lot more options to choose from. Well apparently Stella McCartney has jumped on the band wagon and created three very cute laptop sleeves.

Incase sells laptop sleaves in a pretty pink

Sometimes even the most simple cases need a burst of color to make your day a little brighter. There's something about a simple case shining in your favorite color that makes it okay that you're toting around your laptop when you'd rather be relaxing someplace warmer.

Manila Envelope Laptop Sleeve

Well I can’t decide if having a manila envelope laptop sleeve is humorous or taking it too far. I shudder to use the word fanboy, but who else is going to buy this?

The Booq 90 Series SlimCase

This case offers clean lines that are rarely as flattering as they are on this case. The Booq 90 Series SlimCase is simplicity at its best. The overall look is so wonderfully simple and then the inside is packed with small pockets to organize all of the stuff we all tend to carry around.

Handetta Custom Leather Case for the Eee PC 700

I just got a new laptop and it’s bigger than anything I’ve had before and so none of my cases/sleeves/bags fit it, it’s very annoying. I’m highly jealous of people with the Eee PC who can now purchase a custom fit leather case for their laptop, made by Handetta.

The Velvet Invador laptop cases

I came across Velvet Idole's more chic laptop cases on a different blog. I decided to check out Velvet's site only to discover that not only do they have chic handmade laptop cases, but space invader ones too. Then even better, they have the same styles for their iPod cases and PSP cases.

The Eclipse Laptop Sleeve from Brenthaven

These Eclipse laptop sleeves are great for those who enjoy a more sporty look. After all, some may want a laptop bag that can actually take a bit of a beating. These Eclipse bags look rugged enough to take out on an afternoon hike, not that I'd carry my MacBook around in the woods of course.

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