New Lacie 700 series LCD monitors with RGB-LED backlighting technology

The new trio of Lacie 700 series LCD monitors is built for the like of Professional Photographers and graphic designers. Wide color gamut, 14-bit Gamma Correction and RGB-LED backlighting technology as featured in HP DreamColor LP2480xz are among many advanced features of the Lacie 700 series.

Lacie USB bus-powered Speaker System is Portable and Stylist

Lacie, best known for professional desktop monitors and stylish external hard drives, is slowly moving into the portable speakers business. Here’s another chic and sleek-looking set designed by Neil Poulton of Lacie. A plug-n-play bus-powered compact speakers system requiring no additional drivers, AC adapter or batteries to work with your PC or Mac system.

LaCie add capacity to 500GB Rugged external drive

LaCie has announced an update to its ruggedized external storage range, ideal for the clumsy traveller who insists on carrying all their media around with them.  Now available in a 500GB version, with almost no size increase on the older, smaller capacity models, LaCie have given the drive a shock-resistant rubber bumper and scratch-proof aluminium shell.  Inside, there's a well-swaddled 2.5-inch Hitachi Travelstar 5K500 HDD.

LaCie Little Disk makes use of 1.3-inch hard disk drives

This amazingly small USB, bus-powered hard drive comes in capacities of 30 and 40 gigabytes and is small. So small it is described by Ars as being slightly larger than a Zippo lighter, but lighter than one.

Tomato HD D-18 60GB HDD

Alright, so I don’t think it can get much better than this without going SSD. Because, this is not an SSD drive, this is a traditional HDD, a 60GB 1.8-inch Toshiba HDD to be precise.

Lacies unveils Extrenal HDD designed by Neil Poulton

The Paris based hard drive company is going for a sophisticated style on their next releases. The latest Lacie external drives will feature design by international acclaimed award designer, Paul Poulton. The simple and classy monolithic rectangular enclosure has a blue ambient LED glow softy in the dark. The case is fan-less and air flow is assisted by with carefully thought-out plate holes.

LaCie upgrade NAS to Home Edition with online sharing interface

Back when I reviewed LaCie's Ethernet Disk mini I was particularly taken by its UPnP media funnelling capacities (which still form the core of my home media setup); now they've upgraded the range of compact network-attached storage with the Home Edition, which adds remote access, iTunes media server functionality and Axentra HipServ for drag'n'drop file sharing.


LaCie Little Disk – Designed by Sam Hecht

LaCie Little Disk – Designed by Sam Hecht

LaCie the storage maker unveiled its new Little Disk family of external storage. It is designed exclusively for LaCie by award-winning designer Sam Hecth. It features thin and lightweight form factor with glossy shine surface and removable interface cover.

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SlashGear Review: LaCie’s Ethernet Disk mini, low-cost multi-function NAS

Backup is boring, let's admit it, but a shiny chunk of Network Attached Storage can lend a little of its new-toy glee to the procedure. My time with LaCie's Ethernet Disk mini might not exactly be the stuff of fairy-tales - boy meets NAS, boy falls in love with NAS, boy takes NAS home - but despite mixed first-impressions you'll be pleased to hear there's a happy ending.

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