Korg iMS-20 for iPad puts classic synth on your Apple slate

When it comes to delicious, squelchy analog synth noises, Korg are known for having some of the best. Problem is, most of us have neither the funds nor the space for a proper Korg analog synth, and so the company has pushed out its latest iPad app, the Korg iMS-20. A $15.99 download from the iPad App Store [iTunes link], it's a complete virtual recreation of the classic MS-20 complete with a few added extras.

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Korg Monotron meets iPad iElectribe & Wii Nunchuk for music mangling [Video]

Take a Korg Monotron analog synth, throw in an iPad running Korg's excellent iElectribe app and then use an Arduino to tie the whole thing together: you're not only hitting some of the geekiest keywords around these days, but getting an awesome, glitchy, electronic music mangling setup.  YouTuber Denkitribe has been circuit bending his Monotron, coming up not only with the system described above, but one in which the accelerometer and joystick of a Wii Nunchuk are used to control the battery-powered synth.

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