Kobo Reading Life expanded for Facebook during f8 2011

This week the folks at Facebook released a firestorm of updates for their social networking environment including enhancements to both the user interface on their webpage and to their apps. As part of the apps expansion, the eReading specialists at Kobo have announced to their 4.9 million users worldwide that they'll be working with Facebook in the near future to provide both integration and ease with and for Facebook, particularly through their Kobo Reading Life app.

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Kobo Circumvents Apple With HTML 5 Web App

Several major e-book publisher apps, including Amazon's Kindle, Google Books, and Barnes & Noble Nook, had their store links stripped away yesterday as Apple's new in-app purchasing policy was laid down in full force. The Kobo store and e-reader was among these apps, but today announced an HTML5 web app alternative for customers to continue purchasing e-books from the Kobo store in a convenient way.

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Kindle, WSJ, Spotify iOS apps & more lose store links

Multiple iOS apps have been updated this weekend to remove in-app purchasing links, with the WSJ, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Spotify and others apparently complying with Apple's stricter rules. Apple quietly updated its terms & conditions back in June, no longer preventing services from selling content outside of apps - as had been originally the case - but insisting that in-app links to external stores be removed.

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BlackBerry PlayBook to Feature Kobo eReader Service Pre-Loaded

While the announcement of the tablet device from Research In Motion, known as the PlayBook, is still hot in some people's minds, it looks like company's tied to the release of the tablet are starting to show their support. After Amazon announced that they would be making the Kindle software available for the PlayBook after its launch, Kobo is making their own announcement. But this time around, this eReader service will be made available right out of the gate, from the device.

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Aluratek Libre and Kobo eReader Finally Get a Price Drop Thanks to Borders

Back in June, things got pretty exciting in the eReader market. There were price drops happening all over the place, especially as some major players in the market started showing off new hardware at cheaper price points. And then in July, Amazon managed to throw in a new model of the Kindle into the mix, and successfully kept both models under the $200 mark. But back in June, when the price wars were getting under way, a couple eReaders were left in the dust. Primarily, the Kobo eReader and the Aluratek Libre.

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Sharper Image Literati eReader Unveiled, Features Color LCD and $159 Price Tag

Even if tablets are seemingly the focus of the tech industry right now, and even if most of those tablets work just fine as eReaders in of themselves, that's not stopping the eReader market from pumping out more and more of the devices. And truth be told, there's nothing wrong with a specialized device -- not everyone wants all of their goodies in one package, so to speak. So here comes Sharper Image with their own version, dubbed the Literati.

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