Kingston Updates DataTraveler and Migo lines with 4GB models

Kingston just announced today that they have upgraded their line of USB drives to add increased storage. The sizes aren't anything to write home about, but any increase is always welcomed.

The DataTraveler Mini Fun, Mini and Migo Edition Drives were all bumped up to 4GB capacities. If you're not familiar with these families of USB dries, the DataTraveler Mini Fun is a small dive that comes in sizes between 1GB and 4GB and includes Sudoku and Atlantis games to keep you entertained. The Migo Edition also comes with software to keep your email, favorites, history, cookies files and folders synced between multiple computers.

Kingston microSDHC cards

Our own Vincent Nguyen got his paws on two amazing items last night, the first was the Vodafone Croix, the second was the 4GB microSDHC card that he stuck in it. We are here to talk about the latter though.

So Vincent got to play with the 4GB microSDHC kit that comes with a miniSD and a full sized SD adapter. Since he was only using it with the Croix and his HTC Touch, he only needed the microSDHC portion, but when he uses it with his laptop and camera the other two adapters will come in handy.

Kingston announces 4GB miniSDHC cards, eMusic microSD card/reader

Kingston is releasing all kinds of goodies these days. Last week we heard about their Collegiate microSD cards, earlier we saw their speedy CF Ultimate Cards, now they've dropped two more announcements in our laps.

The first announcement is that they will be releasing their 4GB miniSDHC cards in Class 2, 4 and 6 speed ratings. Who cares what the class rating is, as long as it's big right? Well, if you don't mind transferring your data at a painfully slow rate, then there's no reason to worry. If aren't familiar with the class ratings, the number represents the minimum sustained data transfer rate (or DTR) in MB/sec. So a Class 6 card would have a minimum DTR of 6MB/sec. The new 4GB cards will range only from $62 to $66, however, you'll want to make sure you get the right card for your device, as they are not backwards-compatible with regular miniSD devices.

Kingston CF Ultimate Cards writes at 266X

Kingston introduces its new high-speed CompactFlash Ultimate memory cards. Twice as fast as the previous one, it is rated 266X write speed. The new Kingston’s CF cards come with MediaRECOVER data recovery software for Windows and Mac to restore corrupted images files. The cards are available in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB storage capacities with price tag of $83, $144, and $280 respectively.

Kingston's New CF Cards with 266X Write Speeds [via gearlog]

Collegiate microSD cards from Kingston bring school spirit to your phone

A lot of people have school spirit, and love to let everyone know where they go/went with shirts, jackets, license plates and just about anything else you can possibly think of. If you're one that really loves your school, why not add some school spirit to your phone?

Kingston has just launched a series of microSD Collegiate Cards that give you access to fight songs, wallpapers, logos and all kinds of goodies for your mobile phone. The cards are available for over 250 universities and colleges.

Kingston HyperX PC9600 DDR2-1200 Review

Kingston is one of the major PC memory makers and they’ve been catering to the enthusiast market for some time now with their HyperX lineup. Recently I received a pair of HyperX PC9600 (KHX9600D2K2/2G)sticks that Kingston claim are capable of running at 1.2Ghz.

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