Office for iPad Keyboard Case review round-up

Office for iPad has arrived, but while there's little question now that tablets can be used for productivity, sometimes it takes a real keyboard to get proper work done. Thankfully even before Office's much-anticipated release, Bluetooth keyboard cases for the iPad Air and iPad mini have proliferated. Head on past the cut as we look at the best from Zagg, Logitech, Belkin, and Microsoft.

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Nokia Lumia 2520 commercial misleads, plays on geek insecurities

Nokia has released a somewhat misleading commercial having a go at a tablet that could be interpreted as an Apple iPad while touting its own, new Lumia 2520 tablet. The ad focuses on the competitor tablet's lack of a keyboard and allegedly shorter battery life. The problem with the ad is that it fails to mention that the attachable Nokia Power Keyboard that makes mechanical typing possible on the 2520 -- and extends the tablet's battery life by a claimed 50% -- doesn't come standard with the 2520.

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ORIGIN PC releases custom gaming keyboard, mouse, mouse mat

The custom PC gaming company ORIGIN PC has released three new PC gaming peripherals designed to look as sleek as they perform. The BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard ($140) and Taipan mouse ($80) are solid pieces of gaming hardware with some handy gaming features built-in, and the Goliathus mouse mat ($20) gives you smooth, reliable control in any gaming style. All three are now available at the ORIGIN PC Gear Shop.

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iPad 5 keyboard prototype the first of many homebrewed accessories

In what could very well be a big shake-up for the accessories industry built around Apple's mobile smart products, it's been tipped today that the company is making its first of what may be many accessories for the iPad 5. This fifth-generation iPad is set to be revealed tomorrow in an event that will also play host to the 2nd generation iPad mini as well as a set of new MacBook Pro units to usher in iOS 7 for tablets (already in the wild today) as well as OS X Mavericks. Apple's first accessory for the iPad 5 (outside the current Smart Covers) is said to come in the form of a Keyboard Case.

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SwiftKey 4.3 beta brings multiple keyboard layouts with custom positioning

SwiftKey has rolled out the latest beta app update. This one brings the app up to version, but before anyone knocks this as simply being a bug fixing update in the beta process -- there are some worthwhile changes and improvements this time around. The folks at SwiftKey have this listed as bringing "layouts for living" which is another way of saying more options in terms of keyboards.

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