The Neuro Logic RFT-2L19 – the perfect dual monitor solution for any rackmount server

How many screens is too many? It’s a trick question of course, as you can never have too many displays. You see a lot of setups that include side-by-side monitors. That’s my personal favorite, as I  like my two screens side-by-side. However, for those of you with limited space and would like a vertical solution, you should check out what Neuro Logic Systems has to offer.


Cyber Snipa Warboard looks to give you the upper hand

With all of the new games being announced at E3, those playing on a PC might want to think about upgrading to a new keyboard. We all know that sometimes having the right hardware can make all of the difference.


Microsoft to release Chatpad Messenger kit for the 360 in September

Remember that keyboard attachment for the Xbox 360 that we told you about a little while ago? Well, with E3 kicking off, Microsoft has given us the official scoop.


Wooden keyboard looks unique and stylish

If you like gadgets that are earth-friendly, then why not get a keyboard made from wood? You don’t get much more eco-friendly than bamboo.


Can you hear me now? – The silent keyboard from Thanko

Keyboards have their own unique sound. Some find it comforting, others will go crazy listening to it. I have to put myself with the former.


X-Keys Speed Dialer makes shortcuts and macros easier than ever

Keyboard shortcuts are great, they make things so much easier to do, even if it’s just something simple like copy and paste. However, many people can’t seem to remember even the most basic of shortcuts. That’s where the X-Keys USB Macro Key Speed Dialer comes in.


The V8 WK001 keeps your fingers nice and toasty

In cool offices typing on your keyboard can leave your hands cold and somewhat clammy. Instead of wearing the USB heated gloves, this heated keyboard might be a more logical approach.


Optimus Maximus finds new hardware supplier with better screens

What’s that, good news coming from the guys and gals over at Art Lebedev Studios?  Sometimes it feels like you’re tempting fate just mentioning the Optimus keyboard; much like in Peter Pan where just saying “I don’t believe in fairies” kills one of the little flutterers, any positive mention of the keyboard-of-screens results in a dead OLED supplier. 


Need to touch up your makeup? Grab your keyboard

Are you aspiring to have a house made up of all things pink? Well this keyboard might help you along the way. This pink keyboard from Greybusters has a bit of a twist to it that makes it even more girl-friendly.


Optimus, wherefore art thou?

It’s a roller-coaster world, the crazy keyboard business.  Who would’ve thought it could be so topsy-turvy; thank sweet Nancy Reagan for Art Lebedev and his Optimus project, as close to a soap opera in tech-land as you can get.  It turns out that, after a modicum of positive press at the news that they’d finally decided on an OLED supplier, key layout and rough delivery timetable, now their supplier “has some serious financial troubles” and they’re back to searching the back streets and alleyways for an alternative.

Still, you get nowhere in this world without being gung-ho, and so they’re carrying on making the keyboard chassis while a crack team of OLED-scouts trawls for fresh supplies.  Estimated delivery has, inevitably, fallen to December, though I wouldn’t organise your life around that if I were you.

Bad News and Good News [Optimus Project]

A keyboard cleaner that might just work

Chances are, if you peer down between the cracks between the keys in your keyboard, it’s not a pretty sight. Over time various bits of food and other things tend to fall down inside only to be forgotten. However, if you want to keep that keyboard sanitary, I’ve got just the thing.


Keyboards of the rich and famous

Do you have too much money on your hands? Can you type without looking at the letters? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then I’ve got the perfect keyboard for you.


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