Logitech Comfort Wave promises natural typing with no learning curve

I used to have an ergonomic keyboard that I typed on for years. It always felt more comfortable to type on than your average keyboard, however, I had two issues with it. The first was that any time someone else used my computer, they complained that my keyboard was hard to type on. The second was that whenever I used a PC with a regular keyboard, it took some time to adjust. Logitech has released a new kind of ergonomic keyboard that promises to eliminate these issues.

Laser-equipped keyboard possum

I've seen the future, and it's a possum.  A Text-o-possum, to be exact - harnessing the awesome power of a stuffed mammal with the unearthly splendour of a laser keyboard.  It might look like your common or garden taxidermy, but hidden in the possum's elegantly-cocked hind leg is a Bluetooth keyboard which can project onto any flat surface.


The Neuro Logic RFT-2L19 – the perfect dual monitor solution for any rackmount server

How many screens is too many? It's a trick question of course, as you can never have too many displays. You see a lot of setups that include side-by-side monitors. That's my personal favorite, as I  like my two screens side-by-side. However, for those of you with limited space and would like a vertical solution, you should check out what Neuro Logic Systems has to offer.

Optimus Maximus finds new hardware supplier with better screens

What's that, good news coming from the guys and gals over at Art Lebedev Studios?  Sometimes it feels like you're tempting fate just mentioning the Optimus keyboard; much like in Peter Pan where just saying "I don't believe in fairies" kills one of the little flutterers, any positive mention of the keyboard-of-screens results in a dead OLED supplier. 

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