Fairlight XYNERGI – Puts the Optimus Maximus to shame

I’ll admit that I’d love to have an Optimus Maximus keyboard, but that $1,500 price tag is just a little hard to swallow. Most people tend to agree that few would drop that kind of cash on something like a keyboard. That being said, here’s a keyboard that’s way more expensive.


The Microsoft keyboard that spies on you

Are you a spy? If you answered yes to that question, you’re a terrible spy. However, if you said no, but really meant yes, you should check out this cool keyboard.

Usually when we see keylogging hardware, it’s something that you have to physically plug into someone’s computer that may end up standing out. This one is built right into a Microsoft keyboard. So all you have to do is purchase said keyboard, and give it to the person you want to spy on. Who would suspect that a Microsoft keyboard would be spying on you? Wait, don’t answer that.


Toshiba Gaming Keyboard – Not for typing

Vincent did his best to cover as many new gadgets while he was at IFA in Berlin, but with so many cool things there, he was bound to miss a few. One that caught my eye was this gaming keyboard from Toshiba.


Optimus actually put together their OLED keyboard

Good grief, is this an actual, real-life, not-a-render photo of Optimus’ Maximus “each key an OLED” keyboard?  Pieced together to show the difference between the tinted clear key-caps (e.g. the non-single-sized keys in this photo) and the untinted keys (all the single keys), it has the honour of being the first ever working prototype we’ve seen.


Click here for the full-sized image


Remington Typewriter Turned Into Steam Punk Keyboard

I don’t know what inspires people to make these amazing contraptions, but they are always works of art. And appear to be made and/or powered primarily by the hours and hours of thoughtful labor that likely goes into these projects.

In this case, a gentleman has taken a Remington typewriter apart and made it into a keyboard. It even features the arrows, number pad, F keys, and all the other keys one is accustomed to.


New Apple keyboards with dead keys floating around

Did you rush out and get yourself one of those new fancy-pants slim keyboards for you Mac? Those of you that have, be sure that all of your keys are working properly.


Skydigital X902, m3, and Presenter 2.4G

The X902 is a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard. It features 16 function keys and what looks like a D-Pad to the far right of the keyboard to use as a mouse. The reason for the mouse integration is that it was designed for HTPC’s.

The m3 is a portable mouse that runs on the 2.4GHz frequency as well. This mouse also has a feature where it opens up and allows you to stow the USB receiver inside.


Celluon CL850 – Tiny device that projects a full-size keyboard

I’m sure that everyone has seen an episode of Star Trek where they seem to be able to type on completely flat surfaces without looking at their hands. I’m not sure how one would manage to do that with any amount of accuracy, some people can’t even type on a regular keyboard without looking. If you  think you can, then you might want to check out this new laser keyboard from Celluon.


The Colorful LED Keyboard from Luxeed

This is yet another normal every day gadget lit up with pretty LED lights. This keyboard from a Korean company (Luxeed) is available in two equally shiny models.


Logitech updates G15 keyboard and adds G9 mouse to their lineup

If you’re a hardcore gamer that likes to customize your gear you might be interested to hear that Logitech has released their new G9 Gaming Mouse and G15 Gaming Keyboard today.


Logitech Comfort Wave promises natural typing with no learning curve

I used to have an ergonomic keyboard that I typed on for years. It always felt more comfortable to type on than your average keyboard, however, I had two issues with it. The first was that any time someone else used my computer, they complained that my keyboard was hard to type on. The second was that whenever I used a PC with a regular keyboard, it took some time to adjust. Logitech has released a new kind of ergonomic keyboard that promises to eliminate these issues.


Laser-equipped keyboard possum

I’ve seen the future, and it’s a possum.  A Text-o-possum, to be exact – harnessing the awesome power of a stuffed mammal with the unearthly splendour of a laser keyboard.  It might look like your common or garden taxidermy, but hidden in the possum’s elegantly-cocked hind leg is a Bluetooth keyboard which can project onto any flat surface.



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