Razer Lycosa – More than just another backlit keyboard

The other day we saw an interesting gaming keyboard from Belkin that was an all-or-nothing setup. Basically, it was good for hardcore gamers, but you still needed to have a separate keyboard just for typing. Here’s a new one from Razer that goes to the other end of the spectrum.


Optimus Maximus passes tests but still may be further delayed

I know, I know, we said we’d take it easy on the Optimus Maximus coverage, but Art Lebedev’s cunning OLED “all things to all men (as long as they’re rich)” keyboard is due to grab headlines again with some further good and bad news.  The former is that in recent testing (as seen in this photo) the Maximus passed preliminary wireless interference tests required for CE and FCC approval; the bad is that a potential shortage of OLED controller supplies (it’s just like Optimus Prime all over again; there’ll be a lot of disappointed kids on Christmas morning) may push the release schedule back once again.



New Apple Keyboards prevent accidental caps lock activation

How often do you use your caps lock key? I honestly don’t use it that much, as it only comes up in product names, and those can generally be typed easily with use of the shift button. I’ve heard talk of people wanting the key removed from keyboards as it is pointless. I think that’s a bit far, as some people do use it (though some people abuse it). Apple has taken an interesting approach in their latest keyboard.


White Optimus madness sweeps internet

Perhaps it’s a slow Friday, perhaps white is the new black, or perhaps people just love renders of unreleased keyboards, but Optimus’ news that their Maximus OLED keyboard will have – shock horror! – a white casing, rather than the black or dark-grey so far seen in images, has flooded the internet.



Belkin n52te SpeedPad – For the dedicated PC gamer

Gamers are constantly looking for new gear that will give them an edge. While some prefer to invest their money in a better graphics card or a faster CPU, others will make sure that they have the very best keyboard and mouse on the market. If you are one of those people, maybe you should check out the n52te SpeedPad from Belkin.


Waterfield keyboard sleeve – For those that must have their keyboard at all times

I do my fair share of traveling, and due to my occupation, I do a good bit of writing while I’m on the road. Naturally, I can appreciate having a good keyboard on my laptop, however, I’ve never considered taking my full-size keyboard around with me. That’s why I’m not finding this next product to be the most useful.


Hacoa Wooden Keyboards

So they tried this once and it didn’t work, probably because it doesn’t look any higher quality than taking the tiles from a Scrabble game and gluing them to your current keyboard. Then again it could have been the $400 price tag.

Well they are giving it another go with kits this time. That’s right, you get a discount of about $110 off of that $400 price tag, but the catch is you have to put it together yourself.


New Standard Keyboards makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs

So there is the QWERTY keyboard layout, that’s what most of you are using right now, and it works, I don’t really see too many problems with it, in fact I can’t even think of one thing I would change about it. Then there is the DVORAK design, its coming up, I have personally never seen a keyboard of this layout, but the newcomer is the New Standard Keyboards.

I don’t see how a keyboard I can’t even look at for more than a few seconds without experiencing partial blindness is supposed to help make things easier. Plus the layout is all messed up, sure its in alphabetical order, but that’s not the point of a keyboard.


Optimus Maximus keys assimilated by Microsoft

Although I well accept that I’m only feeding the hype by posting photos, it’s so nice to see an Optimus Maximus keyboard actually showing something other than dull coloured blocks on each key that I’m saying “sod it” and posting anyway. 



Thermaltake Soprano keyboard shiny, could match your new iMac

There is a model with black keys and brushed aluminum surround, so it could, kind of, match your iMac. Although the new keyboard that comes with the new iMacs could probably do a better job.

Anyways, this keyboard has a lot of ergonomic stuff in it, including curved keys so they fit to your fingers better, that’s not all that new though. It also has the scissor-foot key spring system to make it more comfortable and make the keyboard last longer.


A1Pro keyboard – Replaces number pad with touchpad and stylus

If you’re looking for a keyboard that has a little something extra (and you aren’t fond of the number pad) then you might check out the latest offering from A1Pro that has a touchpad and stylus.


Optimus Maximus – It’s real, and in Moscow

Man, it seems like the people over in Moscow get everything cool before the rest of the world. I admit that might be a bit of an overstatement. In fact, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that people in Moscow have gotten before it has shown up in the US. Except for the Optimus Maximus keyboard that is.


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