Kensington TwoFold Notebook Stand announced

Kensington announced their latest pair of notebook accessories today, the TwoFold Notebook Stand and TwoFold Notebook Stand and Sleeve, which make it easier for users to see the screen on notebooks.

Kensington releases MicroSaver Lock for Ultra-Thin notebooks

Kensington releases MicroSaver Lock for Ultra-Thin notebooks

Most people are concerned about the safety and security of their electronics items, so it makes sense that Kensington has released the MicroSaver DS Keyed Ultra-Thin Notebook Lock to help you make sure your sensitive files are kept under wraps.

But this thing is super sleek and not bulky like many other versions. It's still strong, however and uses a disk-style keyed locking mechanism. You just attach the lock to the security slot that most notebooks have.

Included with the lock is a rubber tie, letting you keep the cord tucked away when not in use. You can get the MicroSaver DS Keyed Ultra-Thin Notebook Lock now for $54.99.

Kensington shows off netbook accessories

Kensington shows off netbook accessories

Kensington has decided to tap into the netbook market by announcing their latest line of accessories targeted specifically at the small notebooks. A total of five new products were launched today and they all help to improve the functionality of your netbook in one way or another.

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Kensington Wireless USB docking station is first of its kind

Kensington Wireless USB docking station is first of its kind

Kensington has a first on their hands. They've just released their Wireless USB Docking Station and it's a universal dock like no other. This docking station is filled with functions that make it worth the slightly hefty $230 price tag.

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Ci70 keyboard from Kensington – adds more ports

This new keyboard from Kensington offers up a profile so thin its almost Mac worthy, except for the back area, but that’s where the magic happens. There is a small, short, hidden mini USB connector/cable hidden under a sliding door.

Kensington offers the Contour Balance laptop bags

Kensington is offering a line just for the women who need to tote about their laptop on a regular basis. Although they don't offer bright and shining colors, they do offer a slightly more logical design.

Kensington All-In-One Travel Plug Adapter – its like one of those multiple pen pen’s

Do you remember those cheap pens that you used to get as a kid that had like red, white, blue, green, pink, yellow, and a bunch of other crazy colors in it and you pushed down on the one you wanted and it would extend out so you could write? Well this basically looks like that and does the same thing, but with electricity.

CES 2008: Kensington DisplayLink dual-monitor adapter

So Kensington has decided to adopt the DisplayLink technology for their new dual-monitor adapter. This allows you to plug in two monitors over USB.

Kensington sd200V Notebook Docking Station with Video

So in order to transmit a video signal over USB and have it come out the other end on a monitor, you are pretty much guaranteed to need something with DisplayLink, as that’s pretty much how it works. Well this docking station possesses such powers, and more.

The docking station also replicates mic, audio out, 4 USB ports, Ethernet, and with the DisplayLink chipset, VGA. The VGA output can be a mirror image, or used to extend you desktop onto another monitor.

Kensington LiquidFM Transmitter and Contour Active Cases

The first, the LiquidFM transmitter is designed to work with mp3 players, specifically the iPod. It has the standard headphone jack connector, but there is also an in-line USB port for charging while you listen to your tunes.

The LiquidFM transmitter also utilizes Kensington’s ClearFM technology so it can output high quality sound even over the FM radio. It also has QuickSeek and RDS which helps decrease the time it takes to find a clear station and the RDS tech displays track info on compatible head units.

Kensington SlimBlade Lifestyle Collection of peripherals

First there is the SlimBlade Media Mouse, a laser mouse that also has media playback controls, like volume, play/pause, and next/previous. There is also a navigation pad and a 360 degree scroll ball, ala the BlackBerry Pearl if I had to guess.

Then the SlimBlade Presenter Mouse which has two major features, first the 4-way tilt scroll. Then there is the small USB receiver that tucks away inside the mouse itself. This mouse is also available in two colors, deep blue and ice blue.

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