JVC World’s Thinnest 1080p LCD HDTV on sale next month

JVC have unveiled their latest LCD TV, and they haven't needed much of a sheet to do the covering.  As of July, the company will be selling the World's thinnest LCD with built-in tuners, measuring just 39mm deep across the majority of its width (and 74mm at the deepest centre-point).  To further emphasise the minimal dimensions, the bezel has been vigorously slimmed too.

Victor JVC Everio HD40/HD30 dual HDD and MicroSDHC 1080p camcorders

Victor JVC have announced [pdf link] two new HDD-based high-definition camcorders, both capable of capturing full 1920 x 1080 footage. The GZ-HD40 has a 120GB drive, while the GZ-HD30 has 80GB; each also features a MicroSDHC card slot. As of June 2008, the HD30 is the world’s smallest Full HD camcorder with a 1.8-inch HDD.

JVC Everio GZ-MS100 camcorder with YouTube mode

JVC Everio GZ-MS100 camcorder with YouTube mode

JVC have recognised the truth: nobody wants to film touching memories of their children in high-definition, to keep for all time, but instead short clips of their friends falling over and swilling beer from shoes and uploading them to YouTube. That's why their Everio S Series memory camcorder, the GZ-MS100, has a dedicated YouTube mode, which is intended to make uploading short clips to the internet straightforward. It records directly to a SD card, has a 2.7-inch LCD and 35x optical zoom.

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SlashGear Week in Review

More speed, more gameplay and more pixels has been the theme of the week, with a variety of new hardware launches and upgrades together with some long awaited titles getting released.  Apple lived up to the rumors and introduced new processors and faster FSB for their iMac range, together with stirring up a little controversy over whether they'd had access to Intel's future product line first.  Faux-Apple hardware also get plenty of attention, as Psystar's OS X-running Open Computer took time out from being sniped at by fanboys to get benchmarked.

JVC create 35-megapixel 8k x 4k projector LCD

This is one of those situations where a diagram helps to describe far more than words could manage.  JVC have unveiled a 1.75-inch 8K4K D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) - in other words, the panel found in LCD projectors that creates the picture - capable of 17x full, 1080p high-definition.  That works out to a roughly 35-megapixel image, or 8,192 x 4,320 resolution.  In this diagram, the little green box in the lower left-hand corner is your beautiful new HDTV; the big blue oblong, together with the yellow section at the side, is the new JVC projection.

Cherry Picks 2008: JVC HD Everio Camcorder

This amazing HD camera has 3 CCDs and can record at a max resolution of 1440x1080. You don’t have to try and store that video on a flash card either, which might get you an hour of record time at that resolution, instead, there is a 60GB HDD built in.

CES 2008: JVC show dual-iPod speaker dock

While JVC's NX-PN7 might look like a convoluted way to get stereoscopic vision from a couple of iPods, in actual fact it's a dual-PMP speaker dock that can recharge and play music from two of Apple's shiny devices.  Sadly the feature we'd really like to see - swapping music from one iPod to another - is forbidden by our fruity overlords, so we'll have to make do with an IR remote with "dedicated iPod control keys", an FM/AM radio and light-up strips that can change to any of nine colours.

The JVC DLA-RS2 LCOS 1080p gets reviewed

JVS last 1080p projector with D-ILA technology, DLA-RS1, was a big hit despite the oversaturated color dispute among the videophiles. The successor RS2 doubled the NATIVE contrast ratio to a whopping 30,000:1. It also added Vertical Stretch support for anamorphic lens fanatic, 1.3b hdmi spec for deep color and motorized zoom and focus. What’s not compare to presuccessor is the lumens spec drop and price increment.

JVC Victor unnamed projector is amazing

And by amazing I mean roughly 4k worth of amazing. That’s not the price either, no that will probably be considerably higher, the 4k is a reference to the 4096x2400 (aka quad-HD) resolution.

Did I mention the 10k:1 contrast ratio? No? What about the 3500 lumens that beam up to a 200” picture up to 7 meters away?

JVC XA-AW33 floating audio player

JVC has been showing off its new XA-AW33 floating audio player at CEATEC 2007. Just imagine one of those floating chlorine tablet things, but sealed off and with media controls on the top and you pretty much have got a good image what this thing looks like.

There is some sort of special speaker in this thing from NXT which is a UK tech company. I can’t see a speaker on top, or on the bottom, so I am going to assume it is the gap that makes a ring around the devices top half.

CEDIA 2007 – JVC launches flagship Procision A/V range

If Sony thought they were going to have things all their own way with the launch of their stonking Bravia projectors then they obviously hadn't paid attention to fellow CEDIA 2007 attendee JVC.  The company's new flagship Procision range is intended for custom installs and prosumer home cinema fanatics, and at its pinnacle are two D-ILA front projectors, the DLA-HD1 and DLA-HD100.


Concept: JVC Quasar, 360 Degree Sound

This polyhedron of immeasurable proportions is a concept of a sound system that spits out sound to all 360 degrees. Now if that’s too much geometry for you, it’s a speaker that instead of outputting sound through one face or side, it outputs through all of them.

The one thing you would expect a unit like this to do is surround sound; sadly that is not the case. It won’t do surround sound, but it should sound the same in a given room regardless of where you place it.

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