Auxo app switcher for iOS 6 now available in Cydia

Last week we told you about Auxo, the reinvented app switcher that was originally just a concept and a thought, but it turned into a reality thanks to a determined developer. Finally, the jailbreak tweak is now available for iOS 6 devices for $1.99, which is certainly a small price to pay for a much better alternative to Apple's default app switcher.

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Auxo is a reinvented app switcher for iOS, coming soon to jailbroken iPhones

Back in early October, one creative iOS user came up with the idea of a completely new app switcher that would be leaps and bounds above Apple's own offering, and it was use webOS-like cards instead of just icons, making it not only a more user-friendly concept, but a visually-appealing one as well. Yesterday, it was announced that this new app switcher concept has been put into development and will be released soon for jailbroken iPhones.

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Latest iOS 6 Jailbreak scam wants you to pay $28

In the wake of last week's iOS 6 jailbreak hoax, we're starting to see other fake jailbreak fixes pop up on the internet in an attempt to capitalize on the success of last week's prank. Websites by the name of OpenAnyPhone.com and iPhoneJailbreakUnlock.org are claiming to have a working iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for all eligible iPhones. However, unlike last week's attempt, this is one is as fake as it gets.

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Set Google Maps as the default maps app on iOS with a few tweaks

We're not surprised if you were ecstatic about Google finally releasing their own Maps solution on iOS last week -- we were certainly excited as well. However, while Google Maps provides an excellent user experience, the app doesn't integrate with the iOS ecosystem as well as Apple Maps does. Luckily, though, there are a few solutions for both jailbreakers and non-jailbreakers alike.

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Dream JB planned to release fake iOS 6 jailbreak earlier than December 22

Last night, the highly-anticipated untethered iOS 6 jailbreak that hundreds of thousands of people were waiting on turned out to be fake, with the jailbreak download files actually just linking to a Rick-rolling video on YouTube. Many notable iOS hackers knew it was all a hoax from the beginning, but there were certainly some excited users who thought that, just maybe, it was all real. We ended up getting a hold of Dream JB himself to hear what his thoughts were on what he called a "social experiment."

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Untethered iOS 6 jailbreak to arrive December 22

iOS 6 users have been waiting for an untethered jailbreak for some time now, but it seems that there's finally a set date for it. A hacker by the name of "Dream JB" has announced that he'll be releasing an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.0.1 on December 22, and it will be compatible with newer iOS devices like the iPhone 5, iPad mini, the 4th-gen iPad, and the new iPod Touch.

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