iRiver P20 PMP hands-on: Unintuitive & disappointing

If iRiver nailed the interface of the SPINN, they seem to have come undone with that of the P20.  The hard-drive based player is big, blunt-edged and the controls manage to make it look rather like an analog FM radio.  Dual scroll-wheels - one horizontal, one vertical - coupled with a separate 'OK' button and a touchscreen that's inset slightly too far for comfort make it a tricky PMP to navigate.

iRiver SPINN hands-on at IFA 2008: watch out iPod touch

iRiver's SPINN PMP keeps pulling in the kudos, and our hands-on at IFA 2008 didn't do anything to make us doubt it.  Even a strange leather flip-case that looked like it was held on with medical tape couldn't disguise a casing that, arguably, is more attractive than that of the iPod touch.  It's the interface, though, which makes the SPINN such a joy, and a lot of that is down to the incredibly tactile scroll wheel.

iRiver SPINN PMP: just as tactile as expected

While those of us not in the UK or Korea look on enviously, Crave UK have been busy playing with iRiver's SPINN PMP.  Though it's merely a preliminary hands-on, for the moment it sounds like everything we thought about the SPINN is true: the AMOLED display really is that crisp, colorful and lovely; the wheel controller is a good addition to the touchscreen; and yes, not having expandable memory (beyond the max 16GB installed) is frustrating.

iRiver SPINN GUI explored on video

We already knew iRiver's SPINN PMP looked great from the outside, but thanks to this YouTube video we now know that they've done some good work with the GUI too.  Primary control is shared between the tactile-looking dial (that gives the PMP its name) and the touchscreen, which has haptic feedback.

iRiver SPINN touchscreen PMP with DMB launches in Korea

iRiver's SPINN PMP was first spotted back in January, but only now has been tipped for release by the company.  Available in Korea now, with a UK launch in August, the flash-based media player features a 3.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen, DMB mobile TV and, of course, the analogue control wheel that gives the SPINN its name.

iRiver Lplayer Multifunctional MP4 Player

iRiver Lplayer Multifunctional MP4 Player

iRiver is no stranger to sleek designed portable media player, and today iRiver unveiled yet another small and sleek player, the Lplayer Multifunctional MP4 Player. The player features iRiver’s unique D-Click control, 2.0-inch TFT Wide LCD screen, and FM tuner.

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iRiver Lplayer PMP reviewed: good, but where’s the speaker-stand?

When we first saw iRiver's Lplayer PMP back in May, we described it as "quite a standard PMP" except for one feature: its nifty transparent speaker-stand that gave the whole thing the look of some tiny cathode ray tube.  PC Mag have just reviewed the player but, strangely, there's no mention of the speaker accessory; could it be that it's a Korea-only add-on?

iRiver LPlayer with clever speaker-stand

After not being particularly impressed with the storage offered by iRiver's P10 PMP the other day, criticising it not so much for using a traditional hard-drive but for picking such a small one, the iRiver LPlayer seems a little more interesting.  Now on sale in Korea, the LPlayer is, on its own, quite a standard PMP for the company; it has the clever d-click UI, in which the whole face of the device doubles as the directional controls, a choice of (again not huge) 2GB, 4GB and 8GB sizes and has a compact 2-inch display.  What makes it clever is the transparent speaker-dock, shown here, into which the LPlayer slots and which works as both a speaker and a stand.

iRiver P10 PMP: DMB, big touchscreen, but why the small HDD?

Having first seen the iRiver P10 PMP back at CES 2008, it's been pretty much all-quiet on the news front regarding the slick touchscreen media player.  Happily we've now got some more information, and while it's perhaps more of a niche product than, say, the iPod Touch, that's not to say it's a slouch.  Based on a heavily-disguised Windows CE core, the P10 has a 33GB hard-drive, 4-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen and optional DMB.

iRiver E100 MP3 Player – thin and sexy

This isn’t your standard MP3 player, its packing stereo speakers, FM radio, a microSD card slot, line-in, and a new D-Click system. On top of all that it has a large 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen.

Waterproof Scuba MP3 Player

This unit has an iRiver iFP-380T MP3 player at its core then adds in a waterproof case for that as well as a waterproof amp and set of underwater headphones to complete the underwater aural excursion. The headphones come with clips that allow them to attach the strap on your goggles.

iRiver X20 in new 8GB flavor

It has 8GB of flash storage and a 22 hour battery life. There is also a microSD card slot for memory expansion.

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