Philips NET TV breaks cover in UK

Philips NET TV breaks cover in UK

Philips has today unveiled an Internet-based TV service, NET TV, to be available in UK. Initial rollout targets its high-end TVs lineup (series 8000-9000, and recently announced Cinema 21:9 ), enabling partnered internet contents to be displayed and browsed though a user-friendly and a simplified web-TV layout.

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Sigma Design SOC’s SMP8644, good candidate for Tivo S4?

Robust interactivity and powerful multimedia processing System-On-Chip will soon feature on next generation IPTV set-top boxes, IP cable set-top boxes, and Blu-ray players thanks to the availability of Sigma Design's SMP8644. The company has announced its highest performance SOC yet promised to deliver feature-rich SOC at CEATEC show this week. Tru2Way, BR Profile 2.0, Dual SATA-2, USB, Ethernet controller, NAND and NOR flash module controllers are among many features integrated in SMP8644 SOC.

Kahilo KU860 convertible Linux-based UMPC

Kahilo KU860 convertible Linux-based UMPC

Kahilo are hoping to drum up enough interest in their Linux-based KU860 convertible UMPC for someone to buy a few dozen crates and slap a company logo on them; the OEM is offering this 7-inch WXGA touchscreen device for bulk orders. Running a 1.2GHz VIA C7-M processor, 1GB of RAM and up to a 60GB hard-drive, it also includes GPS for the navigationally-challenged.

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AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR upgrade adds whole-house HD

AT&T has unveiled the latest update to their U-verse IP system, Total Home DVR.  The system will allow the playback of recorded content - in standard and high-definition - not only on a U-verse DVR but up to seven connected TVs.  Playback can follow viewers around the house, pausing on one screen and resuming it on another, or alternatively multiple, independent viewings can be watched on separate TVs.

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Intel embedded IPTV system announced: Yahoo! Widgets, HD downloads

Intel have announced a new IPTV consumer electronics System on Chips (SoC), Media Processor CE 3100, intended for advanced cable set top boxes and direct integration into digital TVs.  Previously known as Canmore, CE 3100 includes an IA processor core with multi-stream video decoding and processing hardware capable of high-definition media.  It also features a 3-channel 800 MHz DDR2 memory controller, dedicated multi-channel dual audio DSPs, a 3D graphics engine enabling advanced UIs and EPGs, and support for multiple peripherals, including USB 2.0 and PCI Express.

Verismo PoD multi-format video streaming

If Roku's Netflix Player caught your eye, but you're not entirely keen on being tied into just the one online media provider, as of the Summer you should have at least one more $99 option.  Verismo Networks have been demonstrating the PoD, a router-like box that hooks up to your broadband connection and then streams pretty much any video format in common use.  That means big-screen viewing of YouTube and other Flash videos, as well as Microsoft DRM-encrypted content such as Amazon Unbox and CinemaNow.

Check out the Verismo PoD demo video after the cut

Netflix Player by Roku launched: reviews overwhelmingly positive

Netflix are pretty much synonymous with mail-delivery films in the US, and the company is now trying to do the same for internet-streamed media.  The Netflix Player by Roku is the first piece of hardware promising to bring download movies to your TV, and going by the launch-day reviews it sounds like they've got a winner on their hands.  $99.99 gets you a compact set-top box that, when linked to your online Netflix account, lets you play from the company's 10,000 strong catalogue of titles, automatically selecting the highest resolution your broadband can support.

Gigabyte M700 IPTV UMPC with digital tuner base-station

With the array of Eee-style budget notebooks clamouring to play the role of your companion PC, Microsoft's UMPC format is being forced to think outside of its traditional box to score sales. Gigabyte have stepped up with the M700; while it may look like a typical 7-inch touchscreen slate, in actual fact it's running VIA's 1.2Ghz processor with the new VX800 chipset (with Chrome 9 graphics and video decoding hardware) and is part of the company's latest IPTV push. The M700 is in actual fact a mobile media center, complete with a dock that packs a digital TV tuner and IPTV streamer.

Check out the video overview of the Gigabyte M700 after the cut

Rumor: Xbox 360 might get HD-DVD drive, somehow

Alright, so not too long ago I reported on a potential new SKU, the Xbox 360 Ultimate which was supposedly going to be the Elite, but with an integrated HD-DVD drive. That, so far hasn’t happened, but this new announcement could give way to just that.

Or, they could just bundle the current separate HD-DVD drive with an Xbox 360 Elite since they probably have a ton of HD-DVD drives just sitting around. Although the drives have been selling like crazy thanks to all the rebates, price cuts, and other deals.

Microsoft offering up Internet TV to some Vista users

Users of Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate might be getting a Media Center update that grants them access to a beta version of an ad supported Internet TV. Finally, Microsoft is dropping something new, something worthy of a Vista upgrade.

Word is that it’s just a few TV shows, some concerts, and some movie trailers right now, all of which are ad supported. The quality is said to be “near DVD” too, which isn’t great, but just offering this service is a great start; they can work on higher resolutions later.

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