iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen Review

For those of you who poke fun at Apple's design philosophy, you have some new joke material.  Not to be outdone by the single button concept on the iPhone, Apple has created a device with ZERO buttons. The new iPod Shuffle concept might just fool you for an Onion story: no buttons, proprietary headphones, and next you're going to tell me it talks to me too, right?

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iLuv announces new 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle cases

Worried about your brand new iPod Shuffle getting scratched up? Have no fear, iLuv has just announced their new iPod shuffle cases for protecting that absurdly small aluminum piece of fun.  The best part is that the iLuv Shuffle cases come in different colors, so if you found the silver or black color a little boring, you can dress up that iPod in white, pink, blue or black from the four pack of silicone cases. Also available are clear and tinted black cases in the two pack.

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Computer Choppers colored & precious-plated iPod shuffle 3G

While many people are still arguing over Apple's decision to go with complicated headphones for the new iPod shuffle 3G, others are bemoaning the obvious lack of color in Apple's life.  Silver and black are all well and good, but the iPod shuffle 3G certainly benefits from a blast of new paint; that's what Computer Choppers think, anyway, and so they're offering the rainbow of shuffles you see here.

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iPod shuffle “control chip” not DRM, just more licensing

After speculation that Apple was using the new iPod shuffle 4GB to launch an "authentication chip" which only licensed headphones would offer, Apple themselves and a number of third-party accessory manufacturers have spoken up about the smallest iPod's hardware.  V-moda, Monster Cable and Scosche have all described it as a "control chip", which uses the microphone channel in the four-channel headphones to send multiple commands: play, pause, volume control and more.

iPod shuffle ‘authentication chip’ threatening headphone DRM?

For something so small, the new iPod shuffle 3G is causing a whole lot of commotion.  Argument around Apple's tiniest PMP is centering on the control system, which has been shifted from the body of the shuffle itself to an in-line pod in the headphones.   Now there's talk of an "authentication chip" buried inside the shuffle that will act as "headphone DRM", with Apple insisting on licensing fees from any third-party manufacturer wanting to make compatible accessories.

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SlashGear Week in Review – Week 11 2009

Apple stole headlines this week with a surprise update just seven days after refreshing their Mac line.  The new 4GB iPod shuffle is even smaller than the original, using an in-line remote and VoiceOver spoken tracknames to get around the absence of a display.  Apple also released iTunes 8.1, while rumors of a multitouch 10-inch netbook flourished as first Chinese then US press picked up on the capacitive panel trail.

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