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iPad 3G streaming video problem down to Apple iPhone rule

Owners of Apple's new iPad 3G are discovering that not all video streaming is created equal.  While the software on the cellular-enabled tablet is the same as that on its WiFi-only sibling, playback through Netflix and YouTube is significantly lower in quality when streamed over a AT&T 3G connection rather than via WiFi.  The reason, we're told, is that Apple implemented low quality stream rules for the HTTP Live Streaming functionality in iPhone OS, intended to minimize the impact on the 3G network.

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Apple antitrust inquiry tipped over iPhone OS 4.0 SDK

Apple could soon be the subject of antitrust investigations, if rumors of an inquiry by either the Department of Justice or the Federal Trade Commission turn out to be true.  According to the NYPost, both watchdogs are currently negotiating as to which will take responsibility for looking into Apple's recently tightened iPhone OS development platform rules, which basically made it mandatory for coders to use the Cupertino company's own SDK rather than cross-platform-friendly tools.

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iPhone HD: hardware evolution, lock-in revolution

Last week's expansive leaks (and no shortage of rumor) gave us the opportunity to pick through the hard changes involved in the Apple iPhone HD; a display estimated at 960 x 640, a front-facing camera, talk even of the 1GHz Apple A4 CPU from the iPad. The question remains, though, will the iPhone HD be another game-changer or more of an incremental evolution? Right now, extra pixels and faster CPU aside, it looks more of the latter; the cynic might compare the iPhone HD with OS 4.0 to an ageing athlete, requiring the services of a bolted-on exoskeleton in order to keep up. The new software platform (which has likely saved a few surprises for the official fourth-gen hardware reveal later in the year) brings some much-anticipated features, but they feel a little clunky in their implementation. As I said in my recent iPad review, background notifications and multitasking will work, but they lack the purity found in earlier iterations of the platform.

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iPhone OS 4.0 SDK limits dev compiler choice; Adobe Flash CS5 scuppered before launch

Steve Jobs made plenty of noise yesterday about the 1,500+ new APIs for iPhone OS developers to play with in OS 4.0, but its taken some SDK sifting to turn up some of the less impressive changes.  A section of the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement has been amended to not only deny access to private APIs but also prescribe which languages can be used to create apps: C, C++ and Objective-C.  The change means that developers looking to use the Adobe Flash to iPhone compiler in the upcoming Flash Professional CS5 release will have to think again, together with those already using MonoTouch and Appcelerator.

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iPhone OS 4.0 wrap-up

Apple's iPhone OS 4.0 preview has been and gone, and the aftermath is a much more appealing OS not only for the iPhone but for the new iPad.  As anticipated, the biggest draw of today's event was multitasking, with Apple telling us it's taken them four iterations of the iPhone OS to get it just right.  Elsewhere there's a new social gaming network for competing with both friends and strangers, a unified inbox and folders for better organising email and apps, and a new iAd advertising platform.

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Apple iPhone OS 4.0 liveblog now underway!

It's Thursday April 8th and SlashGear is at Apple HQ bright and early waiting for the iPhone OS 4.0 "Sneak Peek" event to begin.  It's something of a surprise - and definitely short notice, even for Apple - coming so soon on the heels of the iPad launch last weekend, and we've got high hopes for what might be on the cards today.  We're liveblogging the whole event at http://live.slashgear.com/ so join us as we find out exactly what Apple have in store.

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