iPhone 5S

iPhone 6 may be in limited supply (at first)

The iPhone family has used Sapphire Glass for components for several generations. Both the back-facing camera lens and, in the iPhone 5s, the Touch ID home button work with Sapphire Glass to keep them tough. The iPhone 6, as it’s assumed to be called, has been teased more than once to be working with a full Sapphire Glass front panel.

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Samsung continues iPhone war with “Screen Envy”

This morning Samsung has released a video spot which kicks 5.5-inch iPhone 6 rumors into the spotlight. The Samsung Galaxy S5 works with a 5.1-inch display, of course, allowing Samsung to fully utilize their "we did it first" finesse in the field. In "Screen Envy", Samsung brings the snark once again.

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Will the iPhone 6 be easy to repair? iPhone 5C may know

A recent teardown for the “new” iPod Touch shows that not much has changed with the complex manufacturing process. It’s still glued, still screwed, and still tough to open up. We took a second and compared some other Apple products, and referenced that against those iPhone 6 leaks we see popping up. Will the iPhone 6 be as tough to repair as other Apple devices like it?

Is Apple finally giving us the variety we want?

One of the main complaints about Apple’s mobile ambitions over the years has been a lack of variety. For quite some time, we’ve had our shot at one submission in each category. A single phone, a solo tablet, and not enough variety to keep many users engaged. That’s been changing, and if rumors are true, will continue to. Is Apple finally getting the hint? If they are, let’s hope they’ve learned from past mistakes.

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