iPhone 3G S

Duracell Smart Power Products Review

There's still some way to go before we can recharge our gadgets while they're still in our pockets, but if the thought of plugging in your iPhone pains you then Duracell's Smart Power system may go some way in helping. Based on a conductive charging pad which demands only that you sit a gadget on top in order to rejuice it, Duracell claim it's a new stab at freedom from the regular grid; SlashGear cleared some desk-space to find out whether that was true.

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iPhone 3.1 Beta Released to iPhone Developers

If you have not upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0 yet, the next iPhone OS upgrade should be coming with version 3.1. While there is no change log available on the new version, it should include numerous bug fixes and the mms feature is said to be turned on by default even if you are on AT&T network. We will keep you updated once we have the information on the detail change log.

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SlashGear Week in Review – Week 25 2009

We've been singularly cellularly obsessed here at SlashGear over the past seven days, and it'll come as no surprise that the run-up to the iPhone 3G S has occupied much of our attention.  The new Apple smartphone may not look much different to its predecessor, but if our hands-on first impressions are anything to go by, Cupertino have done their best to make the user-experience as polished as the casing.  Still, it's not just shiny Apple hardware that's caught our eye this week; Novatel Wireless' GSM MiFi 2352 piqued our interest when we talked to the company themselves on Monday, and  then proceeded to impress us considerably in our full review.

Apple iPhone 3GS hands-on

The first new US iPhone 3GS users are picking up their handsets today, and SlashGear is among them.  We've been down at the Apple Store in NYC this morning, and have been eagerly playing with the new smartphone to see whether all the hype was worth it.  For the moment we'll put aside any arguments about whether it's too expensive to upgrade or comes on your carrier of choice;

read on for our iPhone 3G S first-impressions. Update: iPhone 3GS Review

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Apple iPhone 3G S is released! SlashGear in NYC

We may not be seeing the same huge queues as we did for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G, but things are still busy this morning at Apple's 5th Avenue store in New York City.  SlashGear headed down to meet with the crowd and soak up some of the iPhone 3G S excitement.

Full gallery after the cut

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AT&T iPhone tethering at end of July for $55?

The AT&T tethering debacle continues, and after yesterday's super-simple unofficial hack, now comes the first leak regarding possible pricing for the carrier's official package.  According to an internal AT&T source, tethering for the iPhone 3G and 3G S will be offered at the end of July, priced at a whopping $55 per month.

The source also went on to say that MMS support on AT&T is expected in mid-July, earlier perhaps than the carrier led us to believe with their "end of the summer" promises.  AT&T have already confirmed that MMS messages will be charged the same as SMS messages.

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