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How do I get internet on my iPad?

Today we're going to address a simple problem many users have with their iPad - finding a Wi-Fi network to access the internet. The following post is part of SlashGear’s Family IT collection, helping those new to technology with the devices they own. These posts will also be helpful for those of you inundated with questions from family members about their devices if you just to happen to be your family’s IT specialist.

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Will the iPhone 6 be easy to repair? iPhone 5C may know

A recent teardown for the “new” iPod Touch shows that not much has changed with the complex manufacturing process. It’s still glued, still screwed, and still tough to open up. We took a second and compared some other Apple products, and referenced that against those iPhone 6 leaks we see popping up. Will the iPhone 6 be as tough to repair as other Apple devices like it?

Coursera app educates you with video lessons for free

The web-based learning environment Coursera has been brought to the mobile platform this month for both iOS and Android. With Coursera, you’ll be able to take advantage of free classes, all set up to improve your life over the course of a few weeks. These classes will educate you in a wide variety of topics - everything from Chemistry to Engineering to "Information, Tech, & Design."

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Apple iPad Mini successor leak shows Touch ID feature

The iPhone 6 and the iPad Air 2 have had their fair share of leaks and rumors, like the almost unfathomable size of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 or the Touch ID-toting iPad Air 2. Now it's the next gen iPad Mini's turn to get the spotlight and almost unsurprisingly, this leaked photo of the three upcoming devices shows that the mini tablet will also be sporting Touch ID sensor of its own.

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Was Steve Jobs against Tim Cook’s iPad mini?

The iPad mini may be one of Apple's hit products, but controversy over whether a smaller version of the tablet was right for the range has reignited after one board member described it as a case of Tim Cook's vision of Apple versus that of Steve Jobs. The former chief executive was notoriously contemptuous of smaller tablets, with Apple board member Robert A. Iger crediting Cook with the vision to push the iPad mini.

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iOS 8’s split-screen surprise leaks on iPad

While we’ve seen the split-screen functionality of iOS 8 in code before, today’s video comes as a bit of a surprise. After all, Apple didn’t show off any split-screen abilities in iOS 8 during WWDC 2014, and we’ve heard no official word on the matter either way. Today brings the next level of multitasking functionality to the world of Apple’s mobile operating system.

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Hodor Keyboard born in iOS 8’s Swift

This week Game of Thrones is getting its own unofficial keyboard with Hodor. This keyboard was born this week in the wake of the introduction of Swift, Apple’s new mobile operating system developer language. You’ll find two iterations of this keyboard out in the wild - at least two, at this point - another appearing made by a completely different developer for Android.

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iOS 8 round-up: Apple paves the way for hardware

Apple’s newest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 8, builds on the look and feel of iOS 7. Inside you’ll find a number of feature updates on the surface, but - especially important since it was introduced at a developer conference - you’ll find more underneath the surface than meets the eye. Apple suggests that iOS 8 is "Huge for developers. Massive for everyone else."

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