Iomega Launches 250GB Portable Ego drive for Pat Fans

Iomega has stamped their popular line of Ego Portable hard drive with an official Patriots NFL logo just in time for Holidays season. Pat fans now can show their supports and team-spirit while standing out from the technology crowd with Patriots branded and rugged portable hard drive- a compact and bus-powered external storage with 2.5-inch 250GB storage space.

Iomega StorCenter ix2 NAS Review – 1TB Edition

Backup isn't generally seen as glamorous, and the Iomega StorCenter ix2 is unlikely to change that perception. A sober gray box, the ix2 is as compact as dual 3.5-inch SATA-II hard-drives will let it be. However inside there lurks an iTunes-compatible media server, printer sharing facility and optional CCTV recording and Bluetooth file transfers, all for a competitive entry price. Can the StorCenter ix2's hidden charms change our mind about the unbearable dullness of archiving?

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iOmega StorCenter ix2 NAS server is Bluetooth-friendly

The iOmega StorCenter ix2 NAS server was announced today and it's getting a bit of Bluetooth support, though not as much as many would have liked to see.  

In fact, the new NAS server can only really be described as "Bluetooth-friendly," which means it will support some USB Bluetooth dongles. You would have to pay extra for the dongle, though it would allow you to send files and such from your mobile devices straight to the server for backing up or for sharing with others.

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SlashGear Week in Review – Week 33 2008

More laptops, netbooks and mobile workstations than you could shake the proverbial stick at this week, with fresh offerings (and more than a few rumors) from many of the big companies.  HP took the wraps off of three mobile workstations, complete with an amazing 17-inch DreamColor option, while Dell and Lenovo both had a version of their own.  Dell went for pure specs, with a maximum 16GB of RAM in their Precision, while Lenovo took a more offbeat view and added a digitizer panel in their W700's palmrest.

A little more compact, Dell launched their fourth generation Latitude E-series models, and SlashGear was in San Francisco to bring you live images.  Dell's attempt for the headlines included 19hr battery life (on one particular model) and Instant On functionality.  All well and good, but Gateway perhaps just eases ahead in the bargain stakes with their new P-7811FX Centrino 2 gaming notebook.

Iomega 500Gb DVR Expander Review

Anyone with a Digital Video Recorder is probably not a stranger to running out of storage space and being forced to delete old programs. What you may not be aware of is that there are a few products out there claiming to make expanding that storage straightforward: essentially a plug-n-play external hard drive to add capacity to your DVR. The Apricorn DVR Xpander and Western Digital My DVR Expander are two such examples, and here we have a new kid in town, the Iomega DVR Expander.

Iomega external drives add Mozy for free online backup

Iomega have announced a new hardware and online services bundle that marks their first collaborative release with EMC stablemates Retrospect and Mozy.  Buyers of Iomega external hard-drives will be offered both copies of Retrospect Express, for managing local backups, and 2GB of online storage courtesy of MozyHome.  In a discussion today, Jonathan Huberman, President of the Consumer and Small Business Products Group at EMC Corporation, described the integration of hardware and software as the first step toward making remote backup and 'cloud' storage more accessible to users without the benefit of dedicated technical support teams. 

Iomega external storage updated: media players, PVR expansion & more

Iomega has announced a number of new storage-based products, ranging from simple external hard-drives to media converters and DVR accessories.  Most interesting are the Screenplay HD and the Media Xporter Drive.  The former, shown here, is a hard-drive and media player, that hooks up to a HDTV and surround sound system (via HDMI) to play stored video; it's priced at $199.5.  The latter is intended for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, connecting via USB and automatically converting any AVI (or any of 20 other formats) media on its 160GB storage into files the console can recognise and play; it's priced at $104.45.

Iomega releases a few good NAS solutions

There is the StorCenter Pro NAS 200r, StorCenter Pro NAS 200r with Print serving, and the StorCenter Pro NAS 150d. All three are new, and all three are aimed as small to medium businesses.

The 200r models are both rack mountable and have one terabyte of storage as well as support for tons of server level technologies making them easier to manage. They will be retailing for $1899 for the one without print support, and $2499 for the one with print support.

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