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Microsoft says goodbye to Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft today celebrated the demise of its decade-old Internet Explorer 6 web browser. According to the latest data from Net Applications, IE6 usage has officially dropped to below 1 percent in the US, following Austria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Usage is also dropping near 1 percent in the Czech Republic, Mexico, Ukraine, Portugal, and the Phillippines.

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Internet Explorer slips as Chrome grabs browser market share

The battle of the browsers continues, with Microsoft's Internet Explorer losing market share to Google's Chrome and others, while analysts predict a sub-50-percent dip for IE as early as March 2012. Counting all versions, Internet Explorer dropped to 51.9-percent market share in December according to Net Applications, ComputerWorld reports, with Chrome ending the year at 19.1-percent. However, Microsoft maintains that the most important number to consider is the growth in IE9 installs on Windows 7.

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Dear Readers: why do you still use Internet Explorer?

This week we've learned two very important facts regarding the most infamous web browser of all, Internet Explorer: first that Microsoft intends to auto-update all of their older versions for users to the newest IE version 9, and second that Google Chrome 15 is now the most popular web browser version in the world. Though when you add up all the users using ANY version of Internet Explorer, you find that it still dominates this planet by a long shot, it's still rather interesting that any one browser has taken the lead over the ultra-dominant browser made so fantastically giant by its pre-installed status on Windows-toting machines worldwide. So what's your excuse?

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