Intel Core i7 Extreme Processors revealed

Intel has taken the wraps off of its latest flagship performance processors, the Extreme line, formerly known as Haswell-E. The trio of chips - the Core i7-5820K, Core i7-5930K, and Core i7-5960X - and the new Intel X99 Express chipset that launches alongside them target gaming and multimedia systems, with up to eight cores and clock speeds as high as 3.9GHz.

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Intel NUC 2.0 leaked specs: possible Steam Machines

Intel might be a name you'd associate more with desktop and laptops, but the chip maker has had its own line of small factor PCs as far back as 2012. Strangely called the Next Unit of Computing or NUC, these boxes seemed more like a hobbyist's toy, Intel's answer to the growing popularity of ARM boards. Leaked slides about the next generation NUCs, however, hint that Intel is dead serious about this line, to the point that they might very well be part of a living room gamer's arsenal.

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Intel billion euro fine upheld by EU General Court

It has been just a bit over 5 years but, like that proverbial elephant, the European Union doesn't forget, even if Intel wished it did. The region's General Court has just confirmed the European Commission's 2009 verdict that could see the chip maker pay as much as €1.06 billion, which, with today's exchange rates, stand at $1.44 billion.

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