Apple Maps make their way to the web via iCloud

Apple Maps has seen its share of issues, but Apple has slowly been working those kinks out over time. Now that Apple Maps is vastly better, it seems as though Apple might be ready to lean on it a bit more. The Find my iPhone feature in iCloud has been reported by many to be using Apple Maps — not Google Maps as it has been.

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iOS 8 beta shows iCloud Drive will be on the web, Windows

Apple’s iCloud was always a handy back-end utility, but hasn’t quite made its presence felt in the cloud storage discussion. To that end, Appel announced iCloud Drive at WWDC, which acts more like the cloud option we have with various other services. Another step in the iOS 8 beta rollout suggests iCloud Drive will be available from the web.

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iCloud, M7 and Context: WWDC paves way to iWatch

WWDC 2014 is over, and while it may not have brought us new hardware, it did give iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite their official reveal, key software launches in Apple’s master plan. As is so often the case, though, the devil is in the details, and in among the developer sessions a picture of context, device ubiquity, and cross-platform identity gradually made itself clear; one which could have huge implications for Apple’s upcoming push into wearables.

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Apple updates iWork across iOS, Mac and iCloud

Apple has pushed out new versions of iWork for iOS, Mac, and the iCloud beta, addressing some of the common requests around its Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps. The updates include the ability to view and edit spreadsheets with an iPad or iPhone in landscape orientation, and being able to control remote Keynote presentations from the iOS version of the app.

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Moto Migrate app scores iCloud data transfer ability

The most time consuming part of switching phones is often transferring data from the old handset to the new one, something simplified for those switching to Motorola via the Moto Migrate app. In addition to shuttling content from an Android handset to one of Motorola's phone, it can now also be used by iPhone defectors.

iWork for iCloud update brings set of collaborative tweaks

In an effort to bring about a new wave of online any-machine working for those in the Apple universe, iWork for iCloud has been updated by the company with a list of new features this week. This update includes updates for the iCloud iterations of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, the whole lot of them still sitting pretty in the beta environment. While most updates work in each of the three apps, there are a few unique updates for Numbers and Keynote alone, as well.

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