Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds get reviewed, bulky but powerful

The groundbreaking dual-screen Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds is no doubt a creative and one-of-the-kind laptop replacement we’ve seen to date. Sized at 10.6-inch, the slide-out secondary screen is essentially a 2nd notebook built-in, and so does the weight and price. With retail tips over $4000, interested buyer might want to check out a few reviews before shelling out the hard dollars. Folks over at laptormag have jumped at the opportunity to get their hands on the ThinkPad, the full review is up, not wowed but managed to came away with the Editor Choice.

IBM USB ZTIC targets identify thieves

IBM USB ZTIC targets identify thieves

Identity theft is no doubt a problem, but IBM is looking to help prevent some of it. In fact, the IBM Zurich lab has just come out with something called the Zone Trusted Information Channel (or ZTIC for short) that could help put a stop to identity theft in many cases, especially when it comes to bank transactions.

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Commodore Netbook is a Commodore in name only

Commodore Netbook is a Commodore in name only

While it may not have anything to do with the Commodore brand from back in the day, this Commodore Netbook is sure to catch attention based on its name alone. Jumping into the netbook market, the Commodore UMMD 8010/F made its debut at IFA 2008 and mostly skimmed under the radar.

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IBM supercomputer uses PS3 Cell CPUs to break Petaflop barrier

Not exactly a computer you can pick up at your local Circuit City, but we'll make an exception for something that can break the petaflop barrier.  IBM's Roadrunner can fathom in excess of 1.026 quadrillion calculations per second, which makes it twice as fast as the company's previous machine, Blue Gene/L, that topped out at a measly 478.2 teraflops.  The silicon behind the massive figures is an interesting mixture of standard Opteron processors - almost 7,000 of them in fact - and almost 13,000 cell chips, initially designed for the PS3.

IBM to download “Internet”

You know all those jokes you used to poke at the Internet illiterate about downloading the Internet, because you thought that you knew it was impossible? Yeah, well, that’s come back to bite you in the ass because the one company with the power to do so, IBM, looks to be making plans to do just that.

Dell Inspirons and IBM ThinkPads Gain Freedom From Wires

Now that wireless USB is a certified standard, people couldn’t wait to put it into something other than a USB device (kind of defeats the purpose, no?). Now it appears a couple of PC manufacturers have taken that leap.

Lenovo X60 Uber-Tablet video reviews

If, like me, you enjoyed Tablet PC Review's examination of the Lenovo X60 Tablet PC (y'know, the one with the multi-touch display that works with an active stylus and your finger), you might care to take a look at GottaBeMobile's videos of the award-winning notebook.  The first is a general review; the second looks more closely at the multi-touch display and the dock "slice" that also has an optical drive built in.  This is a gorgeous machine and could just be the Tablet that I end up saving for.  Fancy sending me a review unit, Lenovo?

Lenovo X60 Video Review and Multi-Touch Video Review [GottaBeMobile]

IBM are watching, listening, scanning & sniffing you

After the furore that Britain is turning into a CCTV nation, with one camera for every fourteen people, what excellent timing for IBM to reveal its Smart Surveillance System (S3) which is capable of analysing data from multiple sources, whether they be audio, video, radar or data from chemical detection sensors, in real-time, highlighting potential security threats. 

"The software automatically combs through those feeds, cross referencing and analysing the digital information. It issues alarms when it identifies suspicious activity"

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