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iOS 7 log-in bug appears to affect several key apps

Today several sources - and users across the USA - are reporting a bit of an annoyance in iOS 7 for their iPhones and iPads when working with apps that require log-in information. One of the most prevalent of these is Mailbox, the email app released earlier this year to iPhone and iPad for iOS 6. It would appear that Apple's renewed interest in software and hardware security may have snuck up on developers now finding their apps to be kicking out refreshes at an alarming rate.

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Record-setting 9m iPhone 5s and 5c sales in opening weekend

Apple sold nine million new iPhones in its opening weekend, the company has announced this morning, setting a new record for the iOS smartphone. The exact sales split between the flagship iPhone 5s and the plastic-bodied iPhone 5c has not been detailed, but Apple confirms the initial supplies of the iPhone 5s have been exhausted, including the coveted gold model. Meanwhile, iOS 7 updates have also set a record.

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iOS 7 update promoted by NYPD with flyers: security the key

If you're walking around New York City this afternoon, you may be handed a flyer by the NYC Police Department with a "Public Awareness Notice" for so-called "Apple users". This note informs users of iPhone and iPad devices that upgrading to iOS 7 will add security features that will keep these devices from being reprogrammed without an Apple ID and Password. These notes go on to suggest that "additional information on iOS 7 features" can be found at Apple's homepage.

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iPad mini 2 Space Gray edition appears in shell photos

It would appear that the off-the-line leaks of Apple mobile device parts will not be ending with the release of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, as evidenced today by what very much appears to be the iPad mini 2. While we've heard little solid information on what the insides of the iPad mini 2 will be consisting of, it's been suggested - and pictured - more than once that this iteration of the tablet will be coming in with essentially the same look on the outside. Today it looks as though one significant change will be made in the hull: the addition of a "Space Gray" option.

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iOS 7 downgrades remain available as iOS 6 is ushered out [UPDATE]

As with all upgrades to a new operating system on the device you use most during the day, with iOS 7 there's a set of features not all iPhone users are going to like. Lucky you, there's a way to switch quite a few (if not nearly all) of the odds and ends back off, as it were, back to the way they were in iOS 6 before iOS 7 turned the iPhone on its head - see our iOS 7 review if you've not already. While users can still (for now) go through the steps to actually resetting their smartphone back to factory settings to get iOS 6, they'll still eventually (probably) be coerced into moving to iOS 7 anyway - for them, toggles are in place.

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iOS 7 lockscreen bypass followed by simple fix

This week iOS 7 is out for the public, readied for not only the newest wave of iPhone devices in the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but for legacy iPhones, iPod touch, and both the iPad and the iPad mini. What's being called a lockscreen bypass has been discovered just one day after the software's release, this bypass allowing some actions to be taken on the smartphone or tablet with iOS 7 aboard without needing a password - while this may be concerning to users who add a password to their smartphone to lock users other than themselves out entirely, there's a rather simple fix.

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iPhone 5s in gold first to sell out: reports of boosted production

Starting at 8AM local time here in the United States (that's local whatever time zone you're in), the iPhone 5s will be going on sale - and at midnight (this morning) the iPhone 5s in gold was the first to start flying off digital shelves. It's become readily apparent not only online, where at Apple's online store you'll find the gold iPhone 5s kicked back to a general October ship date, but in store openings across the nation (through mountain time, at this point) that the gold iPhone 5s is headed for short supply. Meanwhile those satisfied with their older-model iPhones appear to be asking line-goers and online sources in droves: when does iOS 7 come out? Good news: it was released Wednesday, two full days before the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c hit the hands of consumers.

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Apple Can’t Rely On Design Forever

Apple’s executives are out in full force this week, talking about their company’s unique ability to deliver designs that people love. With Jonathan Ive at the design helm, Apple believes that it can continue to be the most successful device maker in the world simply because its “eye” is better than that from other users.

But I’m here to tell Apple, its fans, and everyone else that thinks the company is invincible one very important thing: the design dominance cannot be relied on forever.

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iPhone 5s, 5c, and iOS 7 review wrap-up

They're the new smartphones we've been waiting all year for, and Apple's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c didn't disappoint. Replacing the discontinued iPhone 5 and taking the mid-range and flagship spots in Apple's line-up, each runs iOS 7, itself a considerable departure from versions of the smartphone software before it. With sales set to begin imminently, head on past the cut as we pick out exactly what you need to know about the new iPhones.

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