New Apple part numbers leak: iMac, Mac mini, Time Capsule & Airport updates

The Apple Store is still down and the Cupertino company themselves are still tight-lipped, but thanks to Apple Insider we have a pretty reasonable idea of what might be on the virtual shelves in the next few hours.  They've received a list of product numbers, complete with some descriptions, which suggest Apple are readying a few new Mac mini units (one without an optical drive), a new 21.5-inch iMac, two new Time Capsules (1TB and 2TB) and a new Airport Extreme.

Updated: All the details of the new ranges here.

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Apple new MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, Mighty Mouse & multitouch desktop tablet imminent?

Apple may be riding high on another successful financial quarter, but we still wouldn't put it past them to announce a few new products this week in order to stick a spoke in the wheels of Windows 7's launch.  According to man-in-the-know John Gruber, it's not a product trickle but a flood we should be expecting, with both new notebooks and desktops together with multitouch-compatible peripherals on the cards.

Update: The new range is now live - all the details here

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Rumor says Blu-ray was pulled from iMac line just before production last month

Love or hate Apple, we can all agree that the company has been at the forefront of design for computers for a long time. Back before every computer marker around was producing all-in-one machines; Apple had its line of iMac computers. There were rumors going around that the new line of iMac computers would have Blu-ray players. In a case of a rumor spawned by a rumor, we hear today that Blu-ray was pulled from the new iMac line shortly before the machines went into production last month.

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New iMac, MacBook and Mac mini tipped by early adverts

The iMac/MacBook/Mac mini update rumors continue, with the latest fact to stoke the flames being several AdWords adverts showing up in the Netherlands.  According to Apple Insider, the adverts - which link to a 404 page at present - tip a new MacBook as (translated) "thinner, lighter and faster!", new iMacs as "the Brand new iMac. Ultra Thin 20 & 24 inch models. From only €1099", and a new Mac mini that's "Faster and more affordable than ever. From only €499."

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Apple Mighty Mouse set for aluminum multitouch refresh?

Apple's Mighty Mouse replacement could accompany the rumored imminent iMac desktop computers, according to AppleInsider's sources, with the current model's mechanical trackball being replaced by touch-sensitive patches.  The new mouse is also predicted to drop the white plastic stylings of recent models, and instead adopt a new, perhaps anodized aluminum finish to match the refreshed iMacs.

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Apple Store down: new iMacs and MacBooks incoming? Update: Nope, nothing new

You guessed it, it's a Tuesday and the Apple Store has been taken down for the usual hurried batch of updating.  No word on what we might be seeing added today, but considering the past few weeks have hummed with talk of new iMac desktops and new MacBook entry-level notebooks there could be a pleasant surprise if you're in the market for a new OS X machine.

Update: The store is back online (only the US site went down) and there are no changes we can see aside from to the cart system itself.  Looks like this was just maintenance downtime, and we'll have to wait a little longer for new iMacs and MacBooks.

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New iMac imminent say sources: sleeker, cheaper, more A/V abilities

Following on from rumors earlier this month that Apple plan new iMac desktops, Apple Insider has heard that indeed the Cupertino company have already begun production of their new models.  Apparently finalized in design early in September, the new iMacs are tipped to be cheaper but more compact than previous generation models, while other advances "not previously available" to buyers would now be on the table.

iMac hamster cage lands on eBay

If, like me, you've always had a sneaking suspicion that computers are powered by tiny animals rather than the "electricity" government conspiracy, then this DIY iMac hamster cage might appeal.  Up for sale on eBay - for a whopping $350 buy-it-now, no less - it's an original blue iMac with the guts removed and mesh walls inserted.

Spontaneously smoking iMac caught on camera [Video]

With all the talk of iPhone and iPod touch spontaneous combustion, it's about time we've heard from some other members of the Apple family with heated ambitions.  According to Chinese tech site cnbeta, the video you can see after the cut was filmed by an office worker as his iMac suddenly began to gush white smoke.

The smoke then turned black, at which point the user decided that rather than concentrate on filming he should probably cut the power.

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