Hulu Cites Multiple Reasons for Turning Down HTML5 at This Point

Everything is eventual, and even through this discouraging blog post from Hulu on the state of HTML5 in relation to the video streaming service, there's a light at the end of the tunnel that we can all look forward to. (If you dislike Flash, and are hoping for HTML5 adoption, that is.) Today Hulu updated their video player today, and while some may have assumed it would ultimately be HTML5 ready, that's not the case. And it might not be for a little while longer.

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The Daily Slash: April 22nd 2010

We're one day away from the weekend, so we've got to make tonight special. You know, because it's one day before the weekend. And that's got to be a holiday somewhere. So, with that in mind, we'll start the Best of R3 with a bit of Vodafone UK Google Nexus One goodness, and then some Hulu iPad talk, and then some bad news for the Nexus One. And then in in the Dredge 'Net, we've got a watch made from the Ash of a volcano, Microsoft finally releases some touch goodness, and ARM executives letting everyone know they don't need to be bought.

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Hillcrest Labs Kylo TV browser falls foul of Hulu

To Hillcrest Labs, it must have all seemed so straightforward: take the core Mozilla browser engine, develop a custom UI that can be clearly seen at a distance, and optimize websites so that those people surfing the net via a PC or Mac hooked up to their TV will have a better browsing experience.  The app in question, Kylo, in turn helps them push their Loop Pointer.  Problem is, just like Boxee have discovered, content providers can get a bit sniffy when you're making it easier to put their web-based media onto HDTVs.  All of a sudden, Hillcrest are finding that Kylo has lost access to Hulu.

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The Connected TV Reality

In March of last year, I canceled my service with DISH Network to embark on a simple experiment. The question was, did I need my television service provider, and the experiment was to see if streaming shows from the Internet could satisfy my television habits. I connected one of my more powerful notebooks as elegantly as possible to my TV via HDMI and the experiment began.

The TV shows they are a-streaming...

In the first few weeks of this experiment, I came to find out that 90% of the TV shows my wife and I watched on a regular basis were available online from either the networks' websites themselves or from Hulu. What suffered however was live sports and shows for our kids, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing as kids probably get enough TV as it is.

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Boxee defend Hulu integration in response to NBC blast

Boxee's on-again, off-again love affair with Hulu has been one of the more frustrating elements of the otherwise excellent media player, and while we pondered out loud last month that paywall propositions from both companies might lead to a more amicable arrangement, it seems the entertainment industry knives are still out.  Earlier this week, Jeff Zucker, President and CEO of NBC, accused Boxee of "illegally taking" Hulu content and that NBC would be "open to negotiations" with the software firm; Boxee have responded by denying that they have done anything illegal, and pointed at the content providers, not Hulu, for insisting on the block.

Hulu $4.99 paywall rumored: Could this pave way to official Boxee support?

Mutterings of premium content continue to sweep across the streaming media space, with Hulu the latest to be tipped as preparing to move some of the more popular shows behind a paywall.  The news - which suggests Hulu are considering asking a $4.99 per month subscription for older episodes of shows like 30 Rock, Modern Family and House - comes after Boxee announced their own plans to launch premium content over the summer.

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Xbox 360 Hulu integration rumored

Could Hulu and Microsoft be planning to announce integration of the former's streaming media service with the Xbox 360?  That's one interpretation of Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn's teasing Twitter message yesterday evening: "Just finished promos for hulu/microsoft event I'm doing on june 8!"

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Hulu Desktop app reminds people how good Boxee made it

Hulu have announced a new desktop app, the imaginatively titled Hulu Desktop, which brings "lean-back viewing" to PC and Mac.  The app allows the Hulu catalog to be browsed and titles played, either with a standard keyboard and mouse or with a remote control.  However the news has come as something of a slap in the face to Boxee, who are still forced to use workaround fixes to access Hulu content on their multimedia platform.

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