HTC Magic

HTC Magic unboxed on video

The first HTC Magic handsets are finding their way into the hands of excitable Germany early-adopters this week, after Vodafone surprised us all by launching the Android smartphone there ahead of their much-publicized UK release.  SlashGear's friend Sascha is one of the first to get their hands on the commercial release, and he's shot an unboxing video to sate our needs for vicarious gadget fulfillment.

Video unboxing after the cut

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Vodafone Spain launch HTC Magic today

In the second piece of significant Android news today, Vodafone Spain have announced that sales of the HTC Magic begin this morning.  Exclusive to the carrier in Europe, the Magic was nonetheless expected to land in the UK first, from May 5th; Spanish customers will have to pay a little more for the privilege, however, as while the phone will be priced from free (tariff depending) in the UK, in Spain it will range from €19 to €199 ($25 to $262).

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Android 1.5 successfully ported to G1

Google just recently released the Android 1.5 "Cupcake" SDK to developers, but several intrepid coders from the XDA-Developer community have been working with the G1. An individual known as haykuro has successfully ported the software from the upcoming HTC Magic to the G1.

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T-Mobile testing names for G2

TmoNews released some pictures from T-Mobile. These pictures are of sheets that were given to select customers that were asked to participate in a survey to offer their feedback on new names for the next Google Phone. It isn't clear why they don't go with G2, the next logical name after G1, since the phone is the direct successor to the first Android device.

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SlashGear Week in Review – Week 8 2009

Unsurprisingly we've been Mobile World Congress obsessed this week, with myself and Vincent jetting off to vaguely-sunny Barcelona to see what's new in the world of mobile devices.  Whether a sign of a tighter consumer purse or a slowing in development, there were fewer big-hit devices than perhaps we expected, but Palm still made a strong showing with their Pre, while HTC caused ripples with both the Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 as well as the Android-based Magic.

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HTC Magic live video demo from MWC

If the Palm Pre isn't to your taste, and you prefer your smartphones with a little more Android flavor, then MWC's other standout device has to be the HTC Magic.  Announced exclusively on Vofadone in Europe, the second official smartphone to run Google's open-source Android platform drops the hardware keyboard and bulky casing of the T-Mobile G1 and replaces it with a slick on-screen QWERTY and contoured white body.

Demo video of the HTC Magic Android smartphone after the cut

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Google offline webapps for HTML5 mobile devices: Pre, iPhone & Android

Google's Vic Gundotra, vice president of engineering at the search giant, this morning demonstrated an offline version of the GMail web-app.  Right now it's a technical concept, but what it means for developers is that any browser compliant with HTML5 standards - for instance the webkit browser engine which the iPhone, Palm Pre and Android platform browsers are all based on - will be able to support the technology, but also that developers can code a single offline webapp for any HTML5 compliant device.


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HTC Magic vs. iPhone 3G: plus HTC Magic live photos & video!

It's only hours since the HTC Magic's announcement, but we're sure there are plenty of people asking the obvious question: iPhone 3G or HTC Magic?  The T-Mobile G1 managed to circumnavigate too much comparison thanks to its hardware keyboard, still a sore spot among some Apple-fanciers, but the candybar totally-touchscreen HTC Magic will have no such escape.

Full comparison - plus Vodafone HTC Magic demo video and live photos after the cut

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