Motorola XOOM WiFi/EVDO/HSPA detailed; “ability to deliver 50MB/s” justifies $799 price

Details of Microsoft's various XOOM models have been released, with the initial Verizon version of the slate up against the WiFi-only MZ604 and HSPA MZ601/MZ603 versions. Meanwhile, Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha has defended the $799 pricing of the 32GB Verizon XOOM MZ600, confirmed earlier this week, saying that it's the potential for 4G that makes the Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet more valuable than Apple's iPad.

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HP Compaq Airlife 100 arrives in Spain for €230

We've been waiting for pricing details of the HP Compaq Airlife 100 smartbook since the 3G-enabled, Android based ultraportable was first announced back in February, and carrier Telefonica has just now delivered.  According to Telecompaper the carrier's Spanish arm, Movistar, has priced the Airlife 100 - which is based on a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and has a 10.1-inch touchscreen - at €230 ($304) presuming you're willing to sign up to a €49 ($65) per month data plan.

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LG Mini GD880 arrives this month with HTML5 Webkit browser

It's fair to say that it takes a pretty special feature-phone to get us excited these days, but the LG Mini GD880 may manage to tick a few boxes.  Announced back in February, the GD880's primary claim to fame - aside from its slimline build - is the HTML5-compliant Webkit based LG Phantom Browser, which supports Flash and up to 10 simultaneous windows viewed on the 3.2-inch touchscreen.

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HTC Legend review

We did little to disguise how impressed we were with the HTC Hero when we reviewed it all the way back in July 2009. At the time we suggested it was the device with which Android came of age; since then, of course, we've seen a huge growth both in the number of manufacturers and devices available, and in Android itself. Into that fray wades the HTC Legend, undoubtedly one of the stand-out devices from MWC 2010 in February and packing the latest versions not only of Android but of HTC's Sense, which rather fittingly debuted with the Hero. Can HTC history repeat itself? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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BlackBerry slider: touchscreen, WiFi-N & HSPA?

The talk of a BlackBerry slider smartphone continues to bubble, and BGR's sources reckon they have some fresh information on the matter.  The in-development device is apparently a portrait-orientation slider, more similar to the Palm Pre in form-factor than it is to the more common side-sliding QWERTY handsets, and it's likely to have a touchscreen along with the pull-out 'board.  In fact the source reckons this particular BlackBerry is what the ongoing Magnum/Dakota project - which paired a keyboard, touchscreen and optical joystick - evolved into.

That would leave the unnamed new device as pretty much a BlackBerry Storm 9520 with a slide-up keyboard similar to the BlackBerry Bold.  Other specs include WiFi 802.11n - "100% support" insists the source - and a 360 x 480 display.  Software is expected to be BlackBerry OS 6.0, and - best of all - this isn't going to be a Verizon exclusive; RIM's first slider will be a GSM/HSPA device.

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NEC FP810 femtocell: tiny but 14.4/5.7Mbps data rates

European 3G users suffering from dodgy cellphone signals in their home or office could soon have a new femtocell to choose from.  NEC is promising to deliver their new FP810 femtocell to carriers in April 2010, and unlike previous models the personal 3G hotspot is capable of eight simultaneous calls and HSPA data rates.  NEC are using Ubiquisys' femtocell hardware, and since they're making a big deal of the fact that the FP810 is only 8cm tall, we're guessing it's the Ubiquisys G3-mini [pdf link].

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Samsung Shark S5350, Shark 2 S5550 and Shark 3 S3550 social networking phones debut

Samsung have unveiled their latest range, the Samsung Shark series, and they're taking on entry-level social networking.  Three devices will be initially available - the candybar Samsung Shark S5350 and two sliders, the Shark 2 S5550 and Shark 3 S3550 - each with shortcuts to Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and other popular social networks on their homescreen.  Meanwhile the Samsung Communities app allows for easier uploading of photos and videos to (together with on-device browsing of) Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and YouTube.

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Notion Ink Tegra Android smartpad uses Pixel Qi display

CES 2010 is likely to see a fair few internet tablets being announced, but SlashGear has heard about one particular model that has more than a little promise. Notion Ink's as-yet unnamed Android "smartpad" is based on an unnanounced NVIDIA Tegra T20 chipset supporting 1080p Full HD video playback, has integrated WiFi, Bluetooth and UMTS/HSDPA, and - perhaps most interestingly - is the first confirmed device to use the Pixel Qi transflective display. Notion Ink are saving the live hardware shots for CES - hence the renders - but they did send us some photos of the 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 Pixel Qi panel in action, which you can see after the cut along with the full specifications.

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