Hitachi 50-Inch Plasma Display is super thin

Hitachi 50-Inch Plasma Display is super thin

Hitachi announced their 50-inch plasma display yesterday at CEDIA 2008 and it is stunning to look at. At just 1.5" thick, this plasma screen is brilliant, colorful and--of course--expensive.

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Hitachi DX-BD10HA Blu-ray camcorder gets North America price

Hitachi's tri-format Blu-ray camcorder, the DZ-BD10HA, has had its official US announcement together with a list-price.  Using a 7-megapixel CMOS sensor, capable of both full 1920 x 1080 High Definition images and video, the BD10HA can record directly onto 8cm Blu-ray discs, onto its 30GB hard-drive, or onto an SDHC memory card.

Hitachi DZ-BD10H 1080p camcorder with Blu-ray, HDD and SDHC

Hitachi have announced a new high-definition camcorder, the DZ-BD10H, that combines a recordable Blu-ray drive with a 30GB hard-drive and SDHC slot.  With a 7-megapixel, 1/2.7-inch CMOS, full 1080p footage can be recorded, edited on-device and the burnt to Blu-ray disc; there's also a 10x optical zoom and image stablization.


Hitachi 1TB 7,200rpm 7K1000.B HDD unveiled; 5TB within 2yrs

Hitachi have been all about the storage over the past week, unveiling not only a new 1TB 7,200rpm drive, the 7K1000.B, that you'll be able to pick up this month but their plans to boost capacity to 5TB within the next two years.  The 1TB HDD fits into Hitachi's Deskstar range, with the company claiming it's the most energy efficient drive of its speed and capacity so far.

LG-Hitachi Vein ID scanner recognises sub-dermal patterns

With fingerprint scanners so mainstream that most new notebooks have them as at least an option, together with stories that they can be fooled with a Gummi Bear, any security-obsessed person wanting to stay one step ahead may need to pay a call to LG-Hitachi.  Their latest security scanner, Vein ID, uses sub-dermal vein patterns - themselves unique and normally invisible - to identify users.

The Hitachi HP-CN11 Swarvoski crystal earbuds

Apparently I'm on a shiny kick this morning, because I've managed to write up two different very shiny gadgets so far. This set of earbuds is looking overly girly already in the pretty pink and even has a Swarvoski crystal thrown in.

Hitachi DZ-WR90 standalone Blu-ray burner for hard-drive camcorders

Hitachi have announced a new Blu-ray burner that can create discs directly from the latest camcorders sporting eSATA ports.  Bypassing the need for a computer, the DZ-WR90 plugs straight into the camcorder - and presumably you'd be using one of Hitachi's hard-drive based high-definition models, to make the most of Blu-ray's capacity - and automatically creates discs from the footage you select.  It even finalises the discs automatically, making it a complete one-stop solution for anyone wanting a straightforward way to share their video. 

Hitachi 320GB notebook drive: 7,200rpm but 25% less power needed

Hitachi have revealed their latest 2.5-inch hard-drive, the Travelstar 7K320.  With 320GB of storage, its claim to fame is its 7,200rpm speed and low power demands.  Hitachi claim that the 7K320 only shows the equivalent power consumption of a 5,400rpm drive, despite the higher platter speed.


SlashGear Week in Review

More speed, more gameplay and more pixels has been the theme of the week, with a variety of new hardware launches and upgrades together with some long awaited titles getting released.  Apple lived up to the rumors and introduced new processors and faster FSB for their iMac range, together with stirring up a little controversy over whether they'd had access to Intel's future product line first.  Faux-Apple hardware also get plenty of attention, as Psystar's OS X-running Open Computer took time out from being sniped at by fanboys to get benchmarked.

Hitachi releases 1.5-inch Plasma HDTVs

Hitachi's super-slim "1.5" range of plasma HDTVs are finally going on sale in the US this month, with the 1.5-inch (35mm) thick panels boasting not only their low-profile depth but improved picture clarity at any angle.  Available in four sizes - 32, 37, 42 and 47-inches - the sets will be sold as part of Hitachi's "V Series" and "Director's Series" ranges.  Prices will begin at $1,800.

LaCie add capacity to 500GB Rugged external drive

LaCie has announced an update to its ruggedized external storage range, ideal for the clumsy traveller who insists on carrying all their media around with them.  Now available in a 500GB version, with almost no size increase on the older, smaller capacity models, LaCie have given the drive a shock-resistant rubber bumper and scratch-proof aluminium shell.  Inside, there's a well-swaddled 2.5-inch Hitachi Travelstar 5K500 HDD.

Mercury Elite-AL Pro FireWire + USB 2.0 1TB drives from OWC

These drives are great for Mac computers. They have two FireWire 400 ports on them which means you can daisy chain them, they have an Oxford chipset so they are Plug N Play compatible with Macs, and they are designed similar to the Mac Pro.

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