Opera Mini is now the official browser of the Helio Ocean

Thanks to the community surrounding Helio and their Ocean smartphone the push for the Opera Mini browser has made it official. This is great news for lots of people, Ocean owners, Helio, and Opera.

Buddy Beacon friend locator is coming to other carriers

Buddy Beacon friend locator is coming to other carriers

I love Helio’s Buddy Beacon and I use it to track down Vincent or Daniel from time to time making sure they are being good. Buddy Beacon lets you locates your friends on a map via the GPS in your handset.

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SanDisk and SK Telecom have partnered up to make Mobile TV Recording a reality

In case you didn’t know, there are several other countries where you are able to wirelessly stream the full channel lineup from whatever provider you subscribe to. Up until now recording of that content wasn’t much of a reality due to the fact there wasn’t any way for the networks to secure the content, but now, there is.

Sprint has new Unlimited Access Pack

Are you the texting queen? Motormouth? Or data usage champion? Well Sprint is looking out for you with their new Unlimited Access Plan.

Helio Mysto hitting mass market today

So the Helio Mysto, the second phone Helio stole from Samsungs top of the line Ultimate Edition line, is finally hitting the market so everyone can get one. If I may remind you, they had a 2-day sale of them in just a couple stores for the two days right after Christmas and then that was it.

CES 2008: Joby GorillaPod Accessories

So the GorillaPod is not new, still cool, but not new, what is new is the accessories they are now packaging with it. There is a suction cup and a couple of Velcro attachments each of which are mountable on the GorillaPod just like a camera.

Helio Player released, finally transferring your media to and from your Helio is easy

So this Helio Player was designed in partnership with RealNetworks, and you can tell it when you open the app up. Furthermore, it works to varying extents with every single Helio ever made except the Kickflip and Hero.

Helio Mysto has finally arrived

Vincent got his Mysto by way of FedEx this morning, it looks great. He hasn’t yet taken the time to review it, so this is just pictures of a more or less dead phone, there is one with the phone on, but that’s it.

Helio Mysto finally hitting stores

Not on a mass scale though, apparently they’ll actually only be available in the Helio NYC and Santa Monica stores, and even then they won’t be advertised at all, you’ll have to specifically ask for one to even see it, let alone buy it. However, word is, there should be enough available for everyone that shows up and asks for one on the 26th and 27th, then after that they’ll probably be out of supply, for about a month.

Helio launching new, more complete, YouTube Mobile app for the Ocean

Today Helio is launching their new YouTube app for the Ocean. What’s so great about it? Everything, you can literally do it all with this new YouTube app.

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Helio Ocean update: Exchange compatibility & file viewer

Back when we reviewed Helio's dual-sliding Ocean smartphone in May one of our first criticisms of the device was the lack of Microsoft Exchange support - without business-standard push-email, calendar and contacts syncronisation it was tough recommending the handset to business users. Helio answered with a beta of their Exchange upgrade, and they've today released the full, freshly polished version. At the same time, they've launched the free Helio File Viewer to streamline how the cellphone manages attachments.

Helio Refreshed Ocean

Sure it’s refurbed (r0cks0rz), but its also less than half the price of a new one. So, if you have been looking at picking up a Helio, specifically an Ocean, you can get a used one from Helio for $99 flat. Then you can get unlimited everything service wise for $99 bucks a month.

So, at this price, you can finally afford to get yourself one, con your friends into signing up, or gift one for the holiday season. Any way you go with it, this is an amazing deal.

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