Leica V-Lux 20 Poses for Photo Shoot

We'll never pass up any kind of gadget getting leaked ahead of a scheduled announcement date. Even if that leak is just one picture, and a few tid-bits of information short of a full press release. And while the information about the Leica V-Lux has been known for at least a little while around the Internet, this is the first image that's graced the large scene. It's a 12.1MP monster, with an additional assortment of features that may remind you of another camera.

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Texas Instruments Blaze video demo

Back when we gave you a sneak preview of Texas Instruments' OMAP4 developers device - since named the Blaze - what we really wanted to show you was video demo of its strutting its tri-display Full HD potential.  Unfortunately they weren't quite ready to go public with that, so we've had to wait until MWC 2010 this week.  While the next-gen chipset battle is nowhere near finished yet, it's certainly an exciting time for mobile devices; after the cut, the Blaze gets a video demo - including custom dual-screen Android - and TI tell us why not all ARM Cortex A8 cores are created equal.

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Canon EOS 7D Review

Anticipation for Canon's EOS 7D was high, any way you look at it. Latest in a line of well-esteemed EOS cameras, it's also one of the first prosumer DSLRs to place almost as much emphasis on recording high-definition video as it does capturing stills. Does an APS-C sensor and unusually high megapixel count mean Canon have reached too far, or has the 7D taken the top-spot for all-round shooters? Check out the SlashGear review after the cut.

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