CES 2009: DISH Network unviels SlingLoaded Vip 922

DISH Network Corporation has unveiled the world’s first “SlingLoaded” HD DuoDVR, the award-winning ViP 922. The Vip 922 is the first high definition video recorder to incorporate placeshifting technology. This device was build by EchoStar Technologies and DISH Network as an entertainment centerpiece that combines 1080p Video on Demand and 100 percent, all-HD suite of programming packages available today.

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CES 2009: LG 2009 LCD and Plasma HDTV ranges announced

LG today announced their 2009 ranges of LCD and plasma HDTVs, with twelve new product lines and a total of 36 new models.  Ranging in size from 19-inches to 55-inches on the LCD side, 23 of which support full 1080p High-Definition, together with 42-inch to 60-inch in the plasma ranges, four of which support 1080p, the HDTVs offer a range of technology from LG's core Invisible Speakers, AV Mode II, Clear Voice II and Picture Wizard systems, standard on all sets, to select models with TruMotion 240Hz and LED Mega Contrast.

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TDVision to demo 2D/3D HD Stereoscopic Broadcast and Blu-Ray format system at CES 2009

It seems like ages ago we last bumped into TDVision at CES, not much have changed since then; they are still in Third Dimensional HD business utilizing its proprietary TDVCodec technology and TDVirtualCam algorithm 3D emulation content. But in the short couple years, they’ve managed to improve its 3D digital infrastructures and visualization systems that’s now capable of a true 3D stereoscopic broadcast, supports Blu-ray Format and backward compatible with 2D HD.

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Orange set to offer HD Voice technology next year

Orange, a popular wireless provider in France, announced yesterday that they plan to introduce an HD Voice technology in order to improve user's call experiences and to make for improved voice clarity.

Announced at the La Collection show in Paris, the HD Voice technology would come in the form of software. It will actually be included in some Orange handsets starting in December. Specifically, it will help limit background noise and amp up the device's ability to transmit the sound of the human voice.

By using an Adaptive Multi Rate-WideBand (AMR-WB) codec, Orange will be able to improve voice quality, but the improvements will only be detectable in handsets that have the supporting software. However, HD Voice handsets will still be able to hear those they converse with on non-HD handsets more clearly.

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