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Lumia 735 lands on Verizon, bringing selfies and HD voice

This weeks is a Windows Phone and selfie week. Just a while ago, we saw Samsung unveil the selfie-friendly mid-range Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7, both with front LED flash. Also this week, we saw the Microsoft Lumia 640 and the 640 XL appear in Cricket and AT&T, respectively. Bringing those two worlds together for a weekend climax is the Microsoft Lumia 735, which has finally appeared on Verizon's shelves. XLTE-ready, this budget Windows Phone is more than just smiles, with HD Voice Calling tagging along for the ride.

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AT&T extends VoLTE service to 18 more markets

Continuing the rollout of its Voice over LTE network services, AT&T has expanded to coverage of VoLTE to an astounding 18 locations across the country. Initially available only to a select number of markets, VoLTE is the new battle cry, or buzzword if you prefer, of carriers switching voice services over the wider and more capable LTE networks. Ultimately for users, this means that they will soon be able to take advantage of HD Voice quality in more locations nationwide.

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