Harmonix adds Nirvana’s Nevermind to Rock Band

Harmonix adds Nirvana’s Nevermind to Rock Band

Rock Band is shaping up to be one of the best games I've seen in a long while. Harmonix has really gone all-out with not only the instruments that you get to play, but also on the songs you'll be able to rock. We can officially add Nirvana to the list of bands that we'll be seeing.

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Rumor – Amazon lists Rock Band Collection for $199

I really wish that Harmonix would settle on a price for Rock Band and make an official announcement. This would put an end to all of the speculation over pricing that we've seen lately. Amazon added Rock Band to their store, along with their own price tag.

EA announces entire albums for Rock Band, Metallica added to the lineup

According to EA, Rock Band is no longer being considered just a game, they're calling it “a platform.” I would imagine that for the price we're going to end up paying, it's probably best to consider it to be an entire platform that will grow over the years.

First look at the official Rock Band drumset

What would E3 be without some Rock Band coverage? The guys over at Giz got a chance to sit down and play with the new drum kit for the upcoming title.

Rumor – Rock Band guitar to cost more on the Xbox 360

According to a memo that has shown up at Game Crazy that shows us the potential prices for the Rock Band peripherals.

Sneak peek at the drums for Rock Band

Looking forward to Rock Band? Join the crowd, we're pretty excited about it around here. We've already gotten a peek at the Fender Stat that we'll be rocking on, but what will the drummer be playing? Now we've got a pretty good idea.

Rock Band controller looks just like a real Fender Strat

Now this is what I call a guitar controller.

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