Harmonix dev speaks out about Rock Band Wii DLC issue

Are you a Wii owner that's just itching to get your hands on Rock Band for your beloved console? I can't blame you, as the game is fun as hell. However, it won't be quite the same experience that is found on the 360 or PS3 due to the lack of downloadable content. When asked about this decision, Rob Kay, design director at Harmonix pointed the finger squarely at Nintendo.

Rock Band Xbox 360 release date and pricing confirmed for Europe

It seems like Rock Band has been out forever here in the US. I almost can't remember a time when I wasn't able to rock out to all of these awesome tracks. Unfortunately Europe has not has such a luxury. Thankfully the official launch date has been confirmed, and it's not too far out, at least for the 360.

Guitar Hero III Mobile coming to BlackBerry – For Those About to Rock!

Hands-on Mobile and Magmic Games are the two companies that are partnered up in an effort to bring one of the best mobile games of all time to your BlackBerry. Being a primarily business oriented device the BlackBerry has been passed up on a lot of really cool mobile games, but this is one that you can mark off the list.

Personally I am just wondering if you’ll have access to all 5 frets or if they are sticking with the three frets that previous mobile versions have offered up. When you first download the game you’ll get 15 tracks including “Cherub Rock”, “Miss Murder”, “Monsters”, “Suck My Kiss”, and “Trippin On A Hole”.

Harmonix files, then retracts suit against Activision over Guitar Hero royalties

Activision really isn't having a good week. They've now got a lawsuit in their laps from Gibson (which sounds like a load of crap) and now Harmonix is starting trouble with them. Apparently Activision still owes the former developer royalties to the tune of around $14.5 million for their work in the Guitar Hero series.

Harmonix is still on board for user-created tracks…someday

Last week I brought you the news that Guitar Hero publisher Activision is really working hard at trying to put user-generated tracks into the game, even if won't be ready for another 5 years or more. We already knew that Harmonix wants to do the same thing for Rock Band, and from a recent interview with Greg LoPiccolo, their stance hasn't changed much.

Harmonix exceeds sales expectations with Rock Band, earns a big check from Viacom

You have to hand it to Harmonix, when it comes to rhythm games, they always seem to be on top of things. While they had success with previous titles, they really changed the industry with Guitar Hero, and kept the momentum going with Guitar Hero 2. When they parted ways with Red Octane they decided it was time to start another revolution with Rock Band, which just landed them a huge $209 million bonus from Viacom.

Rumor – Rock Band may not hit most European consoles until September

There are some things that just make a person feel very patriotic. One of the big reasons why I love the US is because we don't get screwed on release dates like some countries. Sure, Japan got Super Smash Bros. Brawl a month before we did, big deal. That's nothing to the wait Europe has for most titles. If rumors are to be believed, some European rockers may have to wait until September before getting their Rock Band on.

Rock Band DLC for February 5

It's Tuesday, and that means there are fresh tracks just waiting to be downloaded for Rock Band. Well, that's if you're an Xbox 360 owner. My apologies to all of the PS3 rockers out there, you still have to wait an extra two days for your new tracks. While I can't say that this week's tracks are some of my favorite tunes, they are all master tracks. This week's bands are KISS, Faith No More and the B-52's. Hit the jump for the track listing.

Confirmed – Rock Band mic is NOT compatible with the Wii

This week has given us some pretty interesting information regarding Rock Band. Unfortunately, most of it has been less than accurate, or at least unconfirmed. We've managed to get a little bit of clarification on both the new Mic that was said to be compatible with the Wii and the March DLC that was revealed by OXM.

EA confirms Rock Band for the Wii

I'm really not the kind of guy that jumps up, points and says “I told you so.” However, were I that type of person, I would be doing just that. As I pointed out earlier this week, Rock Band will be making its way to the Nintendo Wii.

OXM (kinda) reveals March DLC for Rock Band

Are you thirsting for more tracks to rock out on? Well if you're a Rock Band player, you know that there'll be no shortage of DLC for some time. What we generally don't know is what tracks will be released. Thankfully OXM has gotten the scoop on March's releases. Hit the jump for the full list.

Rock Band and Guitar Hero sales outperformed legal music downloads last year

It's a well-guarded secret that I play Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The previous statement was, in fact, a lie. I play them quite often (Rock Band more than Guitar Hero these days) and find myself buying new downloadable tracks on a regular basis. Apparently I'm not alone, as the games actually pulled in more money last year than all of the (legal) digital music downloads combined.

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