Höfner bass guitar controller for Rock Band revealed

Höfner bass guitar controller for Rock Band revealed

If you're excited for the upcoming release of The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle, then you'll be pleased to hear that you're going to have yet another guitar controller option on your hands. This time, it's a Höfner bass guitar controller.

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SlashGear Week in Review, Week 16, 2009

It's Sunday again. Another week is about to start, but before we get to look forward to all the news coming out of the industry next week, we reflect on what we learned last week. Ok, I'm done reflecting, how about you? No? Can't remember all the news from last week?  Well here's the rundown.

Harmonix details The Beatles: Rock Band bundle

Harmonix details The Beatles: Rock Band bundle

Well, it's official folks! The Beatles: Rock Band game will be available sooner than you think from Harmonix and we've got the official details to hold you over until the big release date rolls around in the fall.

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The Beatles coming to a video game near you

The Beatles coming to a video game near you

There have been rumors floating around about The Beatles' music being included in an upcoming video game for quite some time, but now the information is confirmed. The Beatles will have their music included in an upcoming title from Harmonix and MTV, the former of which is responsible for Rock Band.

The title will not be a part of the Rock Band series, as previously thought and will instead be a separate game. This game will be devoted to the Beatles and the Beatles only, and will include much of their music throughout the years. Due sometime in late 2009, the game is supposed to bring more people to Beatles' music and help a new generation get to know them.

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Rock Band II for Wii will be identical to PS3, Xbox 360 versions

Back when the original Rock Band was announced for the Wii, there were many people upset by its limited features, and rightfully so. Essentially the Wii version was the same as the PS2, which meant you could get the same experience on a console that was 8 years old. Well fear not rock fans, this time around, the Wii is getting the full treatment.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – More Crüefest plus System of a Down

If Crüefest hasn't made its way to your area, there's a good chance that it will sometime in the near future. I had a chance to check it out a couple of weeks ago, and the bands put on a good show. You can now pick up another three-pack from some of the bands, plus a couple of singles from System of a Down.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – New singles galore

This week's DLC for Rock Band is a little different from what we usually see. Normally we look forward to tracks that we've heard many times before, with the occasional new single thrown into the mix. However, this week we are treated to three brand new singles from different bands.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – NIN and Shinedown

Well, E3 is over, which means this week will no doubt be a little slower on the major gaming announcements. However, you can always count on the guys at Harmonix to bring us a little something new every week. This week they've given us some Nine Inch Nails and Shinedown to look forward to.

Rock Band 2 Set List revealed, RB1 tracks to be available for export

There are likely plenty of people out there asking why they should bother picking up Rock Band 2 since they already own the first one. Yes, there are some awesome new modes that should get you excited, including customizable set lists for nonstop rocking in Quickplay. Yes, the instruments will be getting tweaked, but two things should really pursuade you to dish out the extra cash. First is the full set list for the game (check it out after the jump) and second is the full set list from the first game. That's right, not only will you be able to play all of your DLC, but most of your on-disc tracks will be available.

Konami files suit against Harmonix over Rock Band

Rock Band easily consumes more of my time than any other game I currently play. Its unique gameplay and ever-growing list of songs make for a great time alone or with friends. However, Konami doesn't think that the gameplay is all that unique, as they have recently filed suit against Harmonix citing patents issued in 2002 and 2003.

More Rock Band details emerge, 10 tracks confirmed

As expected, new details are coming to light about Rock Band 2, thanks to a recent pre-E3 event. A few more of our pressing questions are answered, and 10 tracks are officially announced. Hit the jump for the track listing and other details.

Rock Band 2 drum kit to be wireless

With the announcement of Rock Band 2 we found out that the instruments would be getting a bit of a update. However, since the original peripherals will be compatible with the new game, we know that there won't be any huge changes to the drums (like an extra pad and such). What we do know is that the 360 is getting wireless controllers.

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