Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero MIDI Controller hack

Guitar Hero has spawned a large number of mods, hacks and general tweakery, with gamers often looking to use proper instruments in place of the normal controllers.  However this is the first time I've seen a Guitar Hero controller converted in the opposite direction; it now works as a MIDI guitar, compatible with any synth with the necessary port.  Best of all, there's actually no damage to the controller's original functionality, so you can switch between gaming and music making to your heart's content.

Ted Nugent confirms appearance in Guitar Hero IV

If I were to sit down and compile a list of some of my favorite guitarists of all time, you can bet your ass that Ted Nugent would be on it. I've actually been a bit disappointed that I can't rock out to his stylings on Guitar Hero or Rock Band. However, once Guitar Hero IV hits stores, that's all going to change.

SlashGear Week in Review – May 18th

ASUS continued their assault on the budget computing market this week, with the Eee PC 900 finally launching in the US while its Intel Atom powered sibling the PC 901 broke cover.  We also saw a live photo of the Eee Box B202, a desktop version.  It looks as though the rumors of a separate Eee brand could be true; the ASUS logo is notable for its absence on the new products.  Meanwhile, OLPC and Microsoft finally shook hands on a Windows XP deal for the XO education notebook, and Fujitsu showed off their own Atom-based ultraportable, the U2010 UMPC complete with 3.5G WWAN and GPS.

The Guitar Hero IV drum kit

If you've been curious at all about how the new Guitar Hero drum kit will look, now you know. It was difficult to picture how they were going to do it, with the two extra symbols but all together it looks pretty good.

Game Informer says yes to drums and mic for Guitar Hero IV

We've heard a few fleeting rumors about the addition of new instruments to the Guitar Hero series, and now according to the latest issue of Game Informer, those rumors are true.

Guitar Hero III DLC – Muse three pack

Everyone knows that Rock Band is treated to fresh new DLC every single week, however, Guitar Hero III is slowly building a nice library of tracks as well. This Thursday Guitar Hero rockers will be able to pick up a new three pack of Muse to play along with. Hit the jump for the track listing.

SlashGear Week in Review

More speed, more gameplay and more pixels has been the theme of the week, with a variety of new hardware launches and upgrades together with some long awaited titles getting released.  Apple lived up to the rumors and introduced new processors and faster FSB for their iMac range, together with stirring up a little controversy over whether they'd had access to Intel's future product line first.  Faux-Apple hardware also get plenty of attention, as Psystar's OS X-running Open Computer took time out from being sniped at by fanboys to get benchmarked.

Rock out for a chance to visit Neversoft

I know that many of you out there love to get your Guitar Hero on. I've been to a few tournaments, though second place is the best I've ever done. If you're looking to win some cool prizes for playing your favorite plastic guitar, then you should heck out the Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Starlight Charity Challenge.

First tracks for Guitar Hero: On Tour are revealed

Whenever a new Guitar Hero game is poised to be released, you star hearing rumors about different bands and tracks that might be included in the game. Eventually we finally get some confirmed tracks, followed by a complete set list. Well with Guitar Hero: On Tour, we've arrived at the stage where we're given a healthy list of tracks to be included. Hit the jump to see which 15 songs have been officially announced.

Aerosmith signs exclusive deal with Activision

I have some very sad news for Aerosmith fans. If you enjoy rocking out to some classic Aerosmith in Rock Band, you'd better get used to Train Kept a Rollin', because that's all you're going to get.

New Guitar Hero T-Shirt from Glenz Tees

Its been a little while since a new Guitar Hero Shirt has popped up, if you haven't snagged one in a while, now you have another to add to your collection or wish list. This one has a much more hardcore look to it as opposed to just the regular guitar on your tee.

SlashGear Week in Review

It's been a week of ultraportables, frankly, with enough budget laptops vying for the Eee's crown to make the whole market more than a little confusing.  Medion announced their Akoya E1210 while 3K unveiled their own alternative; meanwhile, MSI finally released some decent photos of the Wind.  Thankfully there's now a comprehensive list of all the options available, meaning attention has turned from cataloguing to pondering whether Palm will join the fray with a re-worked version of the Foleo companion.  Stranger things (like the first Foleo, you could say) have happened.

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