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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith up for pre-order at Best Buy

You may remember that the next title in the Guitar Hero franchise won't be the same old song and dance, as it's centered around the awesome stylings of Aerosmith. While we've still got a little while to wait for the game to hit stores, you can already pre-order it.

Activision offering refunds to Guitar Hero Wii owners

Remember last week when I mentioned that Activision was having horrible turnaround time with the Guitar Hero III: Legends of rock discs for the Wii? Well apparently the turnaround time was so bad that they are adding a refund to the list of solutions for the sound issues found with the original discs.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith confirmed for a June release

I tend to keep up on rumors involving the Guitar Hero franchise, so this latest announcement isn't exactly a shock to me, though it may be the first you've heard of it. Activision has announced the release of the first Guitar Hero game to focus on the career of a single band: Aerosmith.

Activision takes 3-4 weeks to get you a new Guitar Hero III disc for your Wii

When you're playing a game like Guitar Hero, one of the most important features is the sound. If the audio sucks coming out, it will interfere with your gameplay, as it is centered solely around making music.  Well when Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock came out for the Wii, people noticed that it only played sound in mono, which really sucks. Finally Activision has setup a replacement program so that you can get a new disc that has stereo sound.

Guitar Rising – Like Guitar Hero for the real thing

I've been rocking out on a plastic guitar for a while now; too long some would say. I finally decided a couple months ago that I would finally get myself a real guitar and learn to play some of the songs I've been playing for so long. While I've been spending plenty of time lately learning chords and building up calluses on my fingers, I've been thinking about how much fun it was when I first learned to play on Guitar Hero, and how boring it is learning the real guitar. I know my hard work will pay off eventually, but I have something of a short attention span. Guitar Rising is a new game (if you can call it that) that is exactly what I've been looking for. Hit the jump for an awesome video.

Rumor – Guitar Hero IV due out in 2008

Big news from the interwebs folks, according to a press release from some band in the UK, Guitar Hero IV is probably coming out this year! I'm sure that just completely blew your mind, as no one expected them to release a Guitar Hero game every year. Actually last spring Red Octane did in fact state that they intended to do just that.

Finally, a set of pedals for Guitar Hero

One of my favorite parts about Guitar Hero is when I'm rocking out, then suddenly bringing the neck up to activate star power. When it's timed right, especially during co-op, it really cranks things up to 11. Unfortunately on some songs (ahem, Jordan) timing must be absolutely precise, and during those most difficult of tracks it becomes even harder to trigger your star power. Thankfully there's a new pedal out there that can make things go a little more smoothly.

Guitar Hero III Les Paul mod

With everyone away at CES, someone has to hold down the fort and cover the more underground creations that likely will never make their way to the large conventions. This Les Paul mod is definitely one of a kind and unique enough for me to check my bank account and sigh with defeat.

The 8-Bit Guitar Strap

I have been looking for months for a guitar strap to go with my collection of Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars. Unfortunately I always look for something completely off the wall and with a bit of geeky influence, which means it's doubtful I'll find one at the local music store. However, my search is finally over, this 8-Bit Guitar Strap is just the thing.

Guitar Hero Wii Controller in plush form

I will never understand the need to turn gaming controllers into plush, however, here is yet another converted into a plush little pillow. This isn't just any Guitar Hero controller, it's the Wii controller.

Guitar Hero the Commodore 64 way

Guitar Hero the Commodore 64 way

I know there are still many Commodore 64 fans out there, and one of them is Toni Westbrook; a guy that work on a project called Shredz64, that aim to create connectivity and interaction between Guitar Hero controller with C64. The project plans also include the game itself that runs on C64 using the retro 8-bit beep and blips to output the sound. So far Toni has gotten the controller to work with the C64 and the game development itself has been started earlier this year. Way to go Toni!

Guitar Hero For The Commodore 64 [via kotaku]

Hammacher Schlemmer marketing World’s Smallest Precision Electric Guitar

So the guitar craze due to Guitar Hero and Rock Band are probably causing large numbers of guitars to go quickly out the doors at music stores around the nation, but large numbers don’t always equal large guitars. Just look at this one from Hammacher Schlemmer.

It’s a mere 26.5 inches long but still has 20 frets. Personally, I’d never want to see someone up on stage jamming out on a guitar like this, but it is small, and simple, so for a practice guitar it’d be nice, you could just stuff it in your locker, or your luggage, no problem.

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