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NY’s Perch apartment complex sheds 90% of energy burden

In New York, in Harlem’s Hamilton Heights neighborhood, there’s an apartment complex in the works called Perch that is the first of its kind. Built to “Passive House” standards, the complex is being designed to use between 80% and 90% less energy than the same sort of structure built to common standards. It will do this while providing the same sort of urban living structure city dwellers have come to expect, however.

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Google campus will soon be powered by wind

Anyone who’s taken a ride through California’s Altamost Pass knows it’s gusty up there. To take advantage, wind turbines don’t dot the landscape — they dominate it. In a new project that will replace about 770 turbines with 48 new machines (that produce twice the energy as the dated turbines), Google has announced they will purchase about half the energy from the new machines. That power grab (literally) will provide Google with enough renewable energy to power their entire corporate campus in Mountain View.

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Silent, tree-shaped wind turbines to debut in Paris

Wind-generated power has the potential to make a huge contribution to varying renewable energies around the globe, but the issue of where turbines are built can be a big issue for some communities, or even countries. When wind turbines can't be built off-shore, some places feel constructing them on land ruins the scenery of the landscape, takes up too much space, or generates too much noise. Enter France's NewWind, which has been developing aesthetically pleasing, tree-shaped turbines meant to run silently within cities, at ground level.

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Nissan Leaf, Tesla EVs to replace entire Bhutanese fleet

The nation of Bhutan is seriously considering replacing all of its government-owned and -run fleet vehicles and taxis with electric vehicles. Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay is in ongoing discussions with Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn to import Nissan Leaf electric vehicles (EVs) by the handful, as well as installing charging stations throughout the grid. Tobgay has also reportedly spoken with Tesla about the same topic.

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Ford experiment uses Coke’s PlantBottle tech to create car seats with new partnership

Going green spans a wide range of endeavors from unusual and offbeat to unique and conservative, and not to be left out of the mix, Ford has been working on its own various environmentally-friendly projects. In its latest move, the auto maker has teamed up with Coca-Cola in a partnership to use the latter company's PlantBottle technology to develop seat components for its Ford Fusion Energi hybrid.

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