Motorola scores Apple iPhone/iPad injunction in Germany [Updated]

Motorola Mobility has won a wireless patent case against Apple in Germany this morning, meaning - unless Apple can secure a stay until an appeal can be heard - the iPhone and iPad could be blocked from sale in the country. A Germany court ruled that Apple's cellularly-enabled devices infringe European Patent 1010336, detailing a "method for performing a countdown function during a mobile-originated transfer for a packet radio system" FOSS Patents reports, and deemed an essential component of the GPRS data standard. Motorola will have to cough up a €100m bond if it wants to chase a sales injunction, however.

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Verizon and ZTE Introduce the AD3700 for World Travellers

Verizon Wireless announced today the upcoming release of the AD3700 global USB modem from ZTE. Locally, the device will utilize Verizon's EV-DO Revision A network, but globally it will open up its network capability and access EV-DO, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, and UMTS, allowing Verizon wireless customers to use their new device in 175 countries.

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DataWind UbiSurfer: 7-inch netbook with bundled GPRS internet

DataWind's PocketSurfer was one of those ideas that looked great - a clamshell internet access device with inclusive web browsing - but in practice was let down by an appalling screen, slow connection and frustrating "zero profile" RAZR-style keyboard.  Now the company is back, and this time they're bringing along a 7-inch netbook instead; the DataWind UbiSurfer will cost just £159.99 ($260) but come bundled with 30 hours of internet access per month for the first year.  Pocket-lint were on-hand for the launch, and grabbed some hands-on photos.

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Samsung Tocco S8300 Ultra Edition review

The Samsung Tocco is a sleek slider/touchscreen combo feature phone that packs a ton of functionality into a small form factor. It’s stylish and nice to use, and the red color will draw attention from those around you (at least it did for me). The phone was enjoyable to use, and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI was implemented nicely. Most noticeable on this phone is AMOLED display, which shines beautifully in any light, even outside.

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Zer01 Mobile details emerge: multiple carrier agreements

Further details of Zer01 Mobile's VoIP service have emerged, suggesting that the carrier will not only use AT&T's network, as first reported, but has interconnect agreements with several US carriers.  The $69.99 monthly fee gets unlimited calling in the US and unlimited data; a further $10 per month adds unlimited international calls to 40 destinations.


InGrid DIY monitored security gets IP cameras & GPRS backup

In the months since we last wrote about InGrid's DIY monitored security system, I've neither been burgled nor vigorously fleeced across the cobbles; however home security does remain close to my anxious heart.  The company has now updated their range with a number of accessory units ideal for the perpetually paranoid, spanning from live-view IP cameras, through flood detectors and all the way to cellular gateways should felons cut your ADSL.

uControl home security system with media streaming & automation

You don't have to be as paranoid as I am about security to see the sense in fitting a decent alarm system.  However, definitions of "decent" vary; it strikes me that all the sensors, sirens and flashing lights in the world aren't much use if you're out of hearing distance (how many neighbours actually check out your home when the alarm goes off, and how many just curse it as noise pollution?)  And, since we're united in our geekery, we can admit that it's nice, too, when there's a slick interface too.  uControl are relatively fresh to the home security scene; they've spent the last year developing a platform called SMA (Security, Monitoring and Automation) and a TouchScreen control panel which not only works as a fresh system install but can also integrate with an existing alarm.

TomTom GO 930, 730 & 530 with new HD GPRS traffic receiver

TomTom have launched a new range of in-car GPS sat nav units at CeBIT 2008 today, together with a GPRS-enabled traffic receiver that plugs directly into a car's cigarette lighter.  The three new devices, the 930, 730 and 530, all feature the company's new IQ Routes technology which not only takes into account distance and permitted road speeds in calculating routes but also real-world typical speeds.  TomTom are claiming that in 50-percent of journeys this new algorithm results in a different, quicker route than before.  The GPS units also add Advanced Lane Guidance, which introduces more realistic junction diagrams, arrows indicating lane transitions and better voice prompts. 

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