First Chinese iOS Trojan Xsser mRAT targets Hong Kong activists

Protesters and activists these days have flocked to social media and mobile technology to circumvent censorship and blockades that prevent their message from reaching other people. But now the tables might have been turned on them. A new trojan malware called Xsser mRAT that infects iOS as well as Android devices has been discovered to be of Chinese origin and is seemingly targeting Hong Kong's Occupy Central movement.

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Audi first to Automated Driving Permit in CA

A whopping 230,000 driverless vehicles could be on the road PER YEAR by the year 2025 according to a recent IHS Automotive study. Audi knows this. That’s why their receiving of the first California-issued Autonomous Driving Permit is very, very good news for them.

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Phishing emails used to hack US Nuclear Regulator

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, regulator of the nation's use of nuclear materials and commercial power plants, was compromised three times in as many years, according to a report from Nextgov. Two of the hacks are said to have resulted from someone(s) abroad, while the third responsible party has not yet been identified.

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