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SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: August 13, 2012

Another Monday is in the bag folks, so give yourselves a pat on the back. We're starting things off tonight by having a look at the latest iPhone rumors. Current whispers are telling us that pre-orders for the next iPhone will become available on September 12 - the same day that Apple is expected to reveal it - and that it'll become available at AT&T later on in the month. We also caught a glimpse of the reported logic board in the next iPhone, and it seems that this new logic board is leaving room for a larger battery and LTE capabilities.

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Google Maps gets up close with HQ Olympics tour

Those residing on foreign shores hoping to experience a piece of England without buying an expensive plane ticket can do so with new high-resolution images courtesy of Google Maps. Google has added a couple of new features to Maps, including the ability to use Street View on Downing Street. Users can now peruse the outside of number ten, the famous residence of the country’s prime ministers, and Google has also started to roll out new high resolution map images for various countries across the world.

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Google Earth app update brings 3D imagery to iOS

The race is on between Apple and Google for best maps or realistic view solution, and today Google beat Apple to it with its new 3D city flyover features available now on iOS. Users should notice the Google Earth app on iTunes has been updated to version 7.0.0. The features were originally shown off at Google I/O before rolling out on Android late last month, and now iOS users will be able to see the same 14 regions including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Geneva, Rome and others.

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Google Earth 3D hands-on at Google I/O

This week Google has released the first public build of Google Earth's 3D flyover features, and at the Google I/O 2012 developer event, we got the chance to take a peek at a relatively massive set of four HDTV units combined to bring on one giant vision of the future. This 3D mapping feature is currently out for Google Earth on Android and will be coming soon to iOS as well, as our Google hosts note in the video below.

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Google Earth 3D Next Dimension update video wows

This week the Google Maps team has shown off what they've been working on for some time with their brand new 3D enhancements to Google Earth, this part of "The Next Dimension" event they held earlier today. What we saw, and what you're about to see in video form, is how Google is hoping to keep the vast majority of the world spellbound by their technology with a level of realism we've not yet seen in a mapping program. Have a peek at what some are calling "The GTA of Maps" in the following clip.

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Massive networks of stripes appear in Chinese Desert

Talk about your morning weird. Some people studying Google Earth for some reason managed to run across some very weird patterns in the Chinese desert that have a bunch of folks stumped. The patterns look like stripes that were etched or dug over the top of the landscape in the area. Some of the lines appear to be made from a silver/white material.

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Google Earth 6 adds full Street View, 3D trees & more [Video]

Google has pushed out Google Earth 6, the latest version of its interactive digital atlas. Version 6 gets native Street View support for pavement-level browsing, along with digital 3D trees - more than 80 million trees in places such as Athens, Berlin, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Tokyo already "planted" - and better support for historical imagery.

Video demo after the cut

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