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Acer Chromebook AC700 now available to purchase on Amazon

Acer's AC700 Chromebook was announced back in May and went on pre-order a while later. The little netbook was among the first of the Chromebooks to be announced and sounds more than a little interesting. The machine has the typical netbook features that you expect to find in the category today and has a price that is very similar to most netbooks. The machine is called the Acer AC700-1099 Chromebook.

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Free Chromebook for all 5,000 Google I/O Attendees

As Sundar Pichai explained that Google hoped the entirety of the crowd listening to the second big keynote speech of Google I/O 2011 would help spread the word about Chrome OS, he turned to his podium to pull out no less than a brand-spanking-new Chromebook, explaining that all 5,000 attendees of the conference would be given one for free. Of course they'd not be given one until the device is ready to be placed in their hands, this handout happening further into the summer than yesterday's Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 giveaway.

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Acer Chromebook Announced

At the second Google I/O keynote a duo of Chromebooks were announced. First there was a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook that had two colors and a 3G as well as wifi version, then there's this one: the Acer Chromebook. The devices were detailed just a bit at this event, and we don't have a specific name for the Acer yet. A 12.1 inch display, dual core Intel Atom processor, all-day battery life, 8 second boot, and available for $349 and up. Sound sort of neat? Sounds totally neat. We have all the specs for you after the cut.

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Samsung Chromebook Announced

At Google I/O 2011 during the second keynote of the event, a new "Chromebook" was announced. Chromebook is a new term announced at this same keynote which covers all Chrome OS specific notebooks. This first Chromebook is the Samsung Series 5. This device has a 12.1 inch display,dual core Intel Atom processor, all-day battery usage, 8 second boot, wifi and 3G option, available in 2 colors. Sundar Pichai announced this and an ACER Chromebook together. Samsung has two versions, WiFi for $429 and $499 for 3G. This book will be available June 15th at and Best Buy online. It'll be available in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands soon as well.

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Google Chrome OS “Student package” notebook for $20 tipped imminent

Google IO day two doesn't kick off for another nine hours or so, but it seems the search giant may not have revealed all its secrets in the jam-packed first day. According to a Forbes report quoting an unnamed senior Google exec, the company is readying a Chrome OS based notebook launch which will be positioned as a "student package", offering both hardware and cloud services for $20 per month.

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$200 ASUS Eee PC could run Chrome OS in June

You have to give ASUS its due; the company may have seen the netbook segment rise and, arguably, decline in the face of tablets, but it's still pushing to hit the sort of price points initially promised. According to DigiTimes' sources, ASUS is readying to launch a new Eee PC with a $200 to $250 price tag in June.

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