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Google-branded Chrome OS netbook planned for late-2010?

Back in November when Google spilled the beans on Google Chrome OS, their upcoming platform for netbooks, they confirmed that they'd produced a reference design list of suggested hardware for manufacturers to go by.  Now, TechCrunch are claiming to have heard from multiple sources that the search giant has gone one step further, and are working with at least one manufacturer to produce a Google-branded Chrome OS netbook that it would sell direct to consumers.

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Qualcomm working with OS devs for “two-handed smartphone” Smartbook platform

On of CES' more interesting launches will be the Lenovo Smartbook, the first confirmed model of the new segment.  While Lenovo themselves have been frustratingly quiet regarding the Smartbook's specifications, and the segment as a whole is relatively poorly understood, a recent interview with Qualcomm's Steve Mollenkopf has got us wondering just how the platform will be differentiated from regular netbooks.  Mollenkopf describes them as representing a new paradigm: "a smartphone-type operating system, but for a two-handed device".

Acer Google Chrome OS netbook in works for latter-2010 release

Acer have thrown their hat into the ring as one of the first netbook manufacturers to commit to using Google Chrome OS.  According to DigiTimes' usual unnamed sources, the company have been working on the netbook - which will only run webapps, and make heavy use of cloud-based storage - since midway through 2009; it's expected to launch in the second half of 2010.

Normally we'd nod and smile at this point, and remain moderately sceptical, but Acer chairman JT Wang has already publicly suggested that his company will be putting out a Chrome OS machine.  No specifications for the Acer netbook have been given, but Google's recent launch event for the platform did outline that typical Chrome OS netbooks would have SSD or flash memory storage, be either x86 or ARM based, and have the usual USB ports for peripherals.

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Google Chrome OS and Android “will likely converge” says Sergey Brin

Back in July, Google's execs were grudgingly agreeing that Google Chrome OS and Android have "a great deal of commonality" and "may merge even closer."  Now co-founder Sergey Brin has further stoked that speculation, telling reporters after last week's Chrome OS reveal that "Android and Chrome will likely converge over time".  Brin pointed to the common Linux and Webkit browser code as existing points of convergence in the two open-source platforms.

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Chrome OS: Waiting Is The Hardest Part…Though Necessary

Google has more than emphasized that its Chrome operating system will be super speedy; it will boot in only seven seconds and surfing the web will be just be quicker. The irony is that you will actually have to wait for Google’s OS to arrive and for a pretty long time in the technology world.  After giving a preview yesterday of what is in store from the Internet giant’s computing platform, Google’s Sundar Pichai said that they are “a year away” from releasing products with the operating system. Yep, we are going to be waiting for a solid 365 days!

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Google Chrome OS VMWare image, full install available [Video]

Like the look of Google Chrome OS but don't want to wait until late next year to buy a system running the new, web-centric platform?  It's only been a matter of hours since Google announced details of their new OS, but already there are a number of options for playing with the software.  gdgt have put out a full VMWare image of Chrome OS to play with on an existing system, or alternatively you can go the whole hog for a proper install.

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Google Chrome OS gets detailed [Video]

As expected, Google have released launch details about the Google Chrome OS platform, though there is no beta release today nor any netbooks actually running the OS to announce.  The company intend Chrome OS to boot almost instantaneously, similar to a TV experience, and in fact it currently loads in just seven seconds; system stability and security is also paramount, with an encrypted user-data section, self-healing OS and complete cloud storage for files.  While there's no beta available today, Google is making the source code available for developers to download, compile and install.

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Google Chrome OS event this Thursday: beta release to follow?

Last Friday the rumor machine said Google Chrome OS, the open-source OS for netbooks, would drop in seven days time.  That's looking all the more likely today, with Google apparently sending out invitations to a Chrome OS event to be held on Thursday.  According to GigaOm, Google are describing the event as "an update on our progress with Google Chrome OS" together with discussing "launch plans for next year"; that's leading to speculation that a beta release is in the offing.

Can Anything Replace Windows XP As the Best Netbook Operating System?

As someone who has been running Windows XP as a primary operating system for the past eight years and has seen more netbooks with the dated OS in the last year or so, I was probably more excited about the arrival of Windows 7 than Twilight fans are about the upcoming release of the vampire packed New Moon movie. However, the last two netbooks I have gotten my hands on run the lower-end and feature-missing Windows 7 Starter edition. Although it pains me to admit it, I miss the rolling green mountains and blue skies of Windows XP.

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