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Google campus will soon be powered by wind

Anyone who’s taken a ride through California’s Altamost Pass knows it’s gusty up there. To take advantage, wind turbines don’t dot the landscape — they dominate it. In a new project that will replace about 770 turbines with 48 new machines (that produce twice the energy as the dated turbines), Google has announced they will purchase about half the energy from the new machines. That power grab (literally) will provide Google with enough renewable energy to power their entire corporate campus in Mountain View.

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Nespresso’s Pixie coffee maker made from used coffee capsules

If you're finding that you need some environmental friendliness to go along with your morning coffee, you might want to check out Nespresso's new Pixie coffee maker. According to Nespresso, 98% percent of the machine is made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules, so when you've used your capsules up, you're invited to deposit them at one of Nespresso's stores so that they may be used in the creation of another Pixie machine. Sounds pretty cool, no?

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Sony wall socket idea could charge you for electricity

It's not quite up to the trope of a company finding a way to charge people for oxygen, but it's leaning eerily in that direction - Sony has formulated a new idea that would require users to be authenticated before they can get electricity from a wall outlet? Crazy, you say? Sony says it is a vital strategy in cutting down on electronic waste.

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Lemnis presents affordable LED bulb for under $5

A lot of folks would like to go green and practice better energy conservation but so far the costs of doing so have been prohibitive. Lemnis Lighting is hoping to ease that transition by offering efficient LED lightbulbs at a price that may get more consumers to make the switch.

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Compleat disposable coffee cup axes the lid, startup set to score big

Designer Peter Herman has created a concept for the all-paper disposable cup, made for coffee but perfectly viable for other liquids, that is set to blow the lid off of the industry - literally. Currently working for architectural firm Ellenzweig in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and having hacked away at this concept for over two years and a hundred prototypes now, Herman has it down to one single piece of paper. Working with graphic design firm Proverb's Daren Bascome to create the visuals you see printed on the cups here, Herman is prepping his concept for the big time now - speaking with manufacturers and retailers right this minute.

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Emerald Cities Celadon Green Cool Pavement coating is green literally and figuratively

The summer is here in many areas of the US with temperatures already reaching into the mid to upper 90 range or more. That means in many places around the country the AC is on and people are already looking at ways to keep cool. A green pavement coating called Emerald Cities Celadon Green solar reflective permanent cooling coating has been demonstrated in Phoenix, Arizona. This coating is designed to reduce the temperature of the asphalt in parking lots and on streets on hot days.

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SlashGear Science Week In Review – April 23rd, 2011

This week in Science, a hybrid car that was green before green was cool, the possible future of solar energy, a couple of interesting concrete concepts, and a whole lot of medical innovations. Oh, and robots. One that takes a licking and keeps on ticking, and others that can go where no man wants to go.

Earth day was this week, so we have featured some green concepts and innovations. We always like seeing more efficient ways of doing things, and a road that powers its own lighting and traffic systems is a great example of that. But first, the world's first hybrid car.

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How Green is Your iPhone?

It's Earth Day, right? And I'm a dirty hippie. I think about environmental issues a lot. Like many people I like the sound of birdsong more than car horns. I actually spent half of last year canvassing with Texas Campaign for the Environment. We were fighting to improve electronics recycling throughout my home state. Being the gigantic geek that I am, I spent a lot of time learning as much as possible about these issues. Looking forward over the next twenty years our production/consumption/waste cycles are the place where we can do the most good. Dealing with our waste products, whether in the form of gaseous carbon emissions, land-filled garbage, or industrial waste is our generation's great challenge moving forward into the future. Our friends over at geekaphone released this informative infographic giving you some idea of the scale of this issue as it relates to your iPhone.

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Earth Day Driving Tips from Telenav

Tomorrow is Earth Day. We only get one of this Pale Blue Dot to play on and not everyone can afford to immediately upgrade to a hybrid or electric vehicle, as much as we might like to. So here's some driving facts and some tips about driving greener. And remember, sustainability is also about saving money, and with fuel topping $3.84 a gallon we need all of the help we can get. Hopefully these tips will help you save a few bucks at the pump.

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UN Treaty Would Recognize “Mother Earth’s” Rights

Bolivia, which has enacted its own "Law of the Rights of Mother Earth", reflecting the beliefs of the indigenous people of that country, is seeking to bring those principles worldwide with a United Nations treaty. The treaty, in draft at this time, would give Mother Earth the same rights as humans, including rights to life, water and clean air, the right to repair livelihoods affected by human activities, and the right to be free from pollution.
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eVolo 2011 Skyscraper Competition

Moving forward into the 21st century is going to take some significant changes in the way we build our cities, both here in the US, and worldwide. eVolo is an architecture and design journal focused on the sustainable designs that are going to drive this whole century. They've been running a skyscraper design competition since 2006. They recently released the results of this year's competition. French architects took home the first and second place prizes. Atelier CMJN's team Julien Combes and Gaël Brulé took home the first place prize for their LO2P. This huge circular structure features biogas producing greenhouses, massive air filtration, and will be built-from-recycled-cars. Yoann Mescam, Paul-Eric Schirr-Bonnans, and Xavier Schirr-Bonnans won the second place for their ingenious Flat Tower dome design. Yheu-Shen Chua from the United Kingdom took home the bronze for his re-imagined Hoover Dam.

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