Google launches new Google+ features for businesses

With a number of business "going Google," the massive search company has launched the first set of Google+ features for businesses. With this "initial set" of features now available, Google is letting all Google Apps customers get an early look at them in a "full preview mode." This preview allows businesses already using Google Apps to try out these Google+ features through the end of 2013 for free, with Google working to improve its offerings during that time.

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SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: August 9, 2012

Welcome to Thursday folks, just one more work day before arriving at the weekend. Today we had next to nothing about the Apple vs. Samsung trial, except for the news that a similar South Korean trial has been frozen for fear of it becoming too similar to the one being held here in the US. The lack of Apple vs. Samsung news leaves room for far more interesting things, however, like space! The Curiosity rover sent back a color panoramic shot of the surface of Mars along with its first full resolution image, and it's a pretty awesome sight. Sadly, it wasn't all exciting news for NASA today, as the Morpheus moon lander failed during a flight test and exploded into flames. Luckily no one was hurt, but this is still a pretty big setback for the folks at NASA.

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Calm down, Google’s Gmail Search won’t flaunt your sexy emails

Google has sent ripples of horror through email privacy activists, concerned that the company's decision to include messages in regular search results could lead to embarrassing previews during public browsing. Currently an opt-in system, the Gmail Search Field Trial promises to include relevant emails in among search results, including contacts and shared links; however, there are also safeguards in place just in case you don't want whoever is standing over your shoulder to see what mailing lists you're secretly signed up to.


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This morning Hotmail users are finding themselves in a whole new world of email organization - so new, in fact, that their Hotmail login no longer leads them to Hotmail, it goes to instead. This move by Microsoft has users baffled, in some cases, and furious in others. One thing that's true amongst all of them is the fact that Hotmail is gone - and Microsoft's new Metro user interface and total re-formatting of the beloved legacy email service Hotmail is here to stay.

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Microsoft has made it clear that they're ready to brush the Hotmail off their shoulders and get back to business with, a direct competitor for Google's Gmail service. We've had a bit of a hands-on look at the public preview they've released earlier today and found it to be nothing less than clean, refined, and surprisingly easy to use. What Microsoft has done between the release earlier today and the media blitz that's happened in the interim is to release their first advertisement video spot, complete with a few pointed cut-downs on Gmail with visual cues.

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Gmail iOS app updated to stay smooth

If you aren't all about grabbing a new account for Microsoft's Outlook email today and do indeed have a Gmail account you use with your iOS device, today is looking up. The iPhone and iPad version of Gmail has been updated to version 1.3 today for the masses, made for not just bug fixes, but a selection of worthwhile upgrades as well. Have a peek at your updates drawer right this minute to make the change, and meanwhile bask in the warming glow of free software boosts.

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Microsoft launches to challenge Gmail

Microsoft has launched, a new cloud-based email service to take on Gmail with integrated Skype video calling and social networking integration. Considerably more attractive - not to mention comprehensive - than Hotmail, which it replaces, supports easy access to attachment photo slideshows, integration with Office and SkyDrive, and support for Facebook Chat.

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Gmail gets Hangouts integration for super simple video chat

Google continues to integrate their system in an ever-tightening web of connectivity with video chat for Gmail. This video chat comes in the form of Hangouts, the same system that's currently working in their social network Google+. You'll be able to use this chat system without signing up for a Google+ account, but Google is encouraging you to do so anyway, of course, for "even more" special features than you'd get without such an account.

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Gmail adds live Google+ integration

If you live in Google's world of email and social networking, a couple of your most-used websites just got a lot closer. Today Google introduced new Google+ features into the web client for Gmail, allowing users of both services to update comments and status messages as soon as they're posted. While Google+ previously allowed you to respond to comments via email, now Gmail will show updates in real time, allowing users to comment, share and +1 items immediately.

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Google adds Translate to Gmail

It might not be a feature that everyone uses day to day, but it’s a welcome one nonetheless: Google has added a native translate feature to Gmail that will translate any emails you receive into English. It’s not a new feature, first making an appearance in the Gmail labs back in 2009, but now it’s passed rigorous testing and been unleashed so that everyone can enjoy it.

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SlashGear 101: What is Google Drive?

What is this mysterious new service that Google has suddenly started offering to the public here on this lovely spring afternoon? It's Google Drive, and it's essentially just a bunch of space that Google is allowing you to use on their servers. Of course it's not quite as simple as that, and the ecosystem of apps you'll be using to access it are as much an adventure as Google's version of the cloud is itself - let's have a look at what this system means for you!

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